How to Use iOS 16 Haptic Keyboard

There are many features that came with the iOS 16 software update. But there is one feature that is not much talked about. This is kind of a hidden feature that no one is talking about, not even Apple at their WWDC conference. This feature is called haptic feedback keyboard. This is a unique feature that gives you a different experience as you type. This feature enables haptic feedback while typing.

When you type the letters from your keyboard, you feel that you get that feedback, and the vibrations while typing, which is a great experience.

To make you understand better, allow me to quote Tweak Library,

“On a Haptic Touch keyboard, you will receive this responsive feedback every time you press a key on the phone. You will notice that your phone vibrates as you type. As a result, your fingertips will feel more responsive and the keyboard will come to life. ”

What is a haptic feedback keyboard?

A vibration called haptic feedback can mimic what you’re doing on your phone. Haptic feedback differs from normal vibrations in that it is usually subtle rather than consistent and loud. If you scroll through the settings on your iPhone, such as when setting a timer, you will notice. As you scroll through the different times, you’ll feel a series of faint taps that coincide with each tap, similar to what you might feel when turning the knob on a safe. It’s a cool feature that gives your phone a little three-dimensional feel.

How to use iOS 16 haptic keyboard

  1. Go to Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the Sounds and Haptics tab.
  3. Click Keyboard Feedback.
  4. Enable sound option.
  5. Enable the haptic option.

If you want to disable the haptic keyboard, you can follow the same steps as above and you can disable the Haptic & Sound option.

Here’s how to enable haptic keyboard on iOS 16. The iOS keyboard keys now get haptic feedback when you press them. Enable this option for a unique typing experience on the iPhone’s native keyboard. Also let us know in the comments below if you like this new feature.Until next time, with another topic. Until then, Too

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