How to Use Google Image Search on iPhone?

Google images offers many benefits for finding specific information about images and even finding visually similar images on both your iPhone and iPad. If you have access to Google Image Search, you can also search with the keywords, especially with the images stored on your iPhone.

This article explains everything you need to know about using Google Image Search on iPhone.

Ways to Use Google Image Search on iPhone

To search for a particular image on an iPhone, you can use the default browser or search for an image using the Google app. The good thing is that once you find the relevant images, you can go ahead and refine the images further based on the available Google suggestions to find the right image to your liking.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Open Google Image Search on your iPhone from Safari or Chrome
  2. Type the keyword you want the image for
  3. If you have downloaded the Google app on your iPhone, you can enter the search term directly into the search bar and press Enter
  4. Once you press Enter, you will be redirected to Google Image search results. Tap the “Pictures” tab below the search result
  5. From there you will find many images. If you find the relevant image of your choice, save it. However, if you can’t find the relevant image, you can go ahead and keep scrolling or swiping until you find the relevant and accurate image.
  6. At the top you will find additional keywords, which you can click to further refine and refine your search results.
  7. To further personalize your search results, tap the “Settings” button on the left. This further gives you options to choose from GIF, HD, color options, etc.

How to search with an image from Google search results?

Once you’ve found a near-accurate image of the keyword in Google’s search results, you can use that image as a reference to find the actual image you’re looking for. For this you need the Google Lens function.

  • For this you need to start by saving the first image under the image search results on Google.
  • Once you’ve saved the image to your iPhone’s gallery, you can open the image, tap the Google Lens icon, and find similar suggestions.

This particular feature also works if you come across something in real life that you have no idea about. It could be a new place you visit or a new fruit you try.

All you need to do is take an image and then tap the Google lens icon to find out what it is. It’s a pretty handy Google image search tool.


Accessing Google Image Search on iPhone is not rocket science. There are certain factors in the process that we recommend that you investigate. However, please also note that 100% accurate images are not always available. So you either have to settle for something similar or search for a different keyword.

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