How to use e-sign on iOS 16 on iPhone?

There may be multiple instances where you need to electronically sign your documents right on your iPhone. Whatever you’re doing right now, chances are you don’t have access to an iPhone or iPad every time.

Do you then not sign your otherwise urgent documents? Surprisingly, iOS 16 software allows you to electronically sign the documents you receive via email or other sources.

This article explores how to e-sign iOS 16 documents that you receive via email or other similar sources.

Steps to electronically sign documents sent by email

In most cases, the need to electronically sign documents immediately happens when you need to sign important and official documents.

Ideally, the steps in the process are fairly simple. You don’t need to do much as long as you follow the steps below:

  1. Start by opening your Mail app and preview the specific email you need to sign
  2. Once that is done, you need to tap on the toolbox icon
  3. Under the formatting preview, click the Signature button that appears
  4. From there you need to sign the document by drawing the initials on the display
  5. When you’re done, adjust the look and size of the signature and drag it to where you want it to be placed on the document.

After you sign the document, you are ready to return it to the sender.

Can I do this without the iOS Mail app?

Not every user uses the iOS mail app and that’s fine. But if you don’t use said app, can you electronically sign the document without any problem?

The thing is, if you don’t use the built-in Mail app on your iPhone, but still want to electronically sign the received documents, the only way out in that case is to open the email with a third-party electronic signature app.

There are quite a few different ones available online, including DocuSign, eSign app, etc. You can install any of these apps on your iPhone and then use them as per their instructions.


It’s not complicated to e-sign your documents on your iPhone or iPad. The only thing you need to pay close attention to is ensuring the authenticity of your signature. Remember that signature accuracy is not 100% comparable to how you normally sign your documents. That is to be expected and not something to worry about.

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