How to Share Wi-Fi Password iPhone to Mac?

Apple is known for revolutionizing its features and functionalities. This includes syncing the Wi-Fi passwords across multiple Apple devices, including iPhone and Mac. So the next time a friend comes over and asks for your Wi-Fi password, you can share it easily and without any hassle.

With a few simple clicks, you should be able to transfer your Wi-Fi password from your iPhone to the Mac, which is very promising. It also works the other way around, which is nice too.

But how do you do that? We will talk about that in more detail in this article.

Apple ID and the Contact app

To share the Wi-Fi password from an iPhone to a Mac and vice versa, you must have your Apple ID saved in the other person’s Contacts app. It can also be the other way around.

However, if you’re familiar with the other person, and you know them, chances are you’ve already saved them so you don’t have to go over them again.

In that case, you can go directly to the “Send or receive Wi-Fi password”. For the people who didn’t save the Apple ID, here’s what you need to do:

on iPhone

  • Open the Contacts app on your iPhone
  • Tap on the Add icon present at the top right corner of the screen
  • Tap Add Email and then enter the Apple ID
  • You may need to fill in some extra details and that’s it
  • When that’s over, click Done

on Mac

  • Open your Mac then go to Finder then navigate to Applications
  • Below that, open the Contacts app
  • Tap the Add icon and tap New Contact
  • Add the Apple ID of the person you want to share the Wi-Fi password with
  • Tap Done

Steps to Share Wi-Fi Password from iPhone to Mac

Now that you have saved the Apple ID, all you need to do is follow the steps to share the Wi-Fi password. It’s simple and done in minutes.

  1. Connect your iPhone to the WiFi network
  2. Open Mac’s menu bar and go to Wifi’s status menu
  3. Select the WiFi your iPhone is connected to
  4. Request the WiFi password
  5. You will get a notification like “Wifi password”. Tap it and tap Share password
  6. You have to wait a few seconds for the iPhone to share the password with the Mac
  7. When you’re done, tap Done

What about password sharing the other way around?

So we discussed how to share iPhone’s Wi-Fi password to Mac. What about the other way around? The steps are simple and quite similar. Follow the steps:

  1. Connect your Mac to the Wi-Fi network
  2. On your iPhone, go to Settings and then to Wi-Fi
  3. The Wi-Fi password notification appears in the top corner of the Mac screen
  4. Click Share
  5. The connected iPhone should receive the shared password and connect to the Wi-Fi network immediately

What can you do if you still can’t share the Wi-Fi password?

If the above password sharing doesn’t work, there may be certain persistent issues on iPhone or Mac. Your job is to identify the problem and then fix it.

Following are some of the solutions to consider:

  1. Activate the Bluetooth option on both iPhone and Mac
  2. Unlock the sending device, be it iPhone or Mac
  3. Restart both devices to fix any software or bug issues
  4. Bring the devices nearby for better processing
  5. Update the system of both devices – iPhone and Mac
  6. Make sure contact card is updated on iPhone and Mac

If you don’t seem to share the Wi-Fi password even after all these solutions, your last resort is to manually share the password with the other person. We hope this guide gives you all the details about how to share Wi-Fi passwords from iPhone to Mac and vice versa that you didn’t know.

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