How to Share an Album on iPhone?

There are several family events that we participate in and the best of all of these events are the photos. But don’t you get tired of sending photos one by one to every family member and friend? Especially on an iPhone where storage is a big concern, the last thing you want to do is share the photos one by one and eat up your storage bit by bit.

This article examines some of the best ways that you can share an album on an iPhone without any hassle.

Steps to share photos on iCloud

What was previously known as iCloud Photo Sharing is now known as Shared Albums. This is a feature that allows iPhone users to share the photo albums on their iPhone directly with the synced contacts on their devices.

This rebranded feature has been available since the launch of iOS 12, so if you’re running the latest iOS version, chances are you’ll like this particular feature as well.

Following are the steps to share an album with your contacts on your iPhone:

  • Your first step is to copy all the images you want to share to an independently shared album
  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone
  • Below that you need to select the album you want to share
  • Tap Select and then Select All
  • Navigate to the bottom left corner of the screen and click Share
  • When the pop-up menu appears, click on “Add to Shared Album”
  • You can also title your shared album for easy navigation
  • When you’re done, you need to add the contacts you want to share the album with

These few steps are enough to take care of all the functionalities you need to follow to create and share an album on your iPhone.

How to access a shared album on iPhone?

Now that you know how to create and share a shared album, you need to know how to access it. Also in this case the steps are simple.

Here’s what to do:

  • Open your Photos app on your iPhone
  • Below that, tap the Albums tab available there
  • Scroll further down and find the “Shared Albums” option from there

Why can’t I share an album on iPhone?

Not everything is as simple as it sounds. When it comes to sharing a photo album on an iPhone, you can run into problems with it. And you’re sitting here thinking, “Why can’t I share the photo album?”

Well, there could be several reasons for this. Let’s walk you through a few:

  • It’s a private album, which means you haven’t enabled the sharing option to add people to the album to access the photos.
  • You have not enabled the “Shared Albums” feature as we explained in some of the previous steps. Make sure you have successfully shared the photos.
  • If your Wi-Fi network is down or slow, it may affect or prevent you from sharing the album with the contacts on your iPhone.
  • Make sure that your iCloud storage is working because sometimes problems with it can also lead to serious complications in photo sharing.

If you are not connected to a viable network setting, you may not be able to view a shared album that has been shared with you. A good internet connection on your iPhone is therefore essential.

And with just a few simple steps, you can also share the important photo album with your friends and family with a few simple licks via your iPhone.

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