How to set up voicemail on iPhone

In modern times, phone calls have become an obsolete means of communication. While traditional phone calls are still an essential part of our lives, they can’t match how quickly and easily we can talk to each other through text messages and social media apps. Still, it is useful to use the voicemail service on your iPhone.

Voicemail is a very useful tool if you don’t have time to call someone back. It helps you stay in touch with your family and friends without having to be on the phone all the time. It gives people a way to screen their calls and manage their busy schedules. Here’s how to set up voicemail on your iPhone in easy steps.

How to easily set up voicemail on your iPhone

Activating voicemail on your iPhone depends on the compatibility of the carrier you use. Since most of the service providers in the US offer a process to set up voicemail in iPhone’s phone app, it is very easy for users.

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Here you will see an option titled “Voicemail” in the bottom right corner.
  3. Once you tap on “Voicemail”, you will see a prompt that says “Set Up Now”.
  4. Here you need to set a password for the voicemail, and it should be a 4-6 digit numeric password.

(If you don’t get such a prompt to set up voicemail, your voicemail may already be set up.)

  • The next step would be to select greetings from the default or custom options. To record greetings in your own voice, you can select a custom greeting.

That is it! Your voicemail is now set up. Look, it’s not that hard. However, you should understand that this process is easier in the US as the carrier offers support within the app. It is not possible to set up voicemail on an iPhone in India.

How to listen to voicemail messages on an iPhone

It’s as easy as reading received text messages. Just go to the Voicemail tab in the app and you’ll see logs of voicemails you’ve received.

When you tap on one of the voicemail messages, you will be presented with three options, namely speakerphone (to listen to the voicemail), bell icon (to call back the sender) and trash can icon to delete the voicemail message.

You also get an option to share the voicemail message, or you can save the message using the same option. To find the details of the caller or sender, you need to tap on the “i” icon.

Can I change my voicemail password on my iPhone?

Yes, you can change your voicemail password on your iPhone, and it’s a very simple and quick process.

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Select ‘Phone’.
  3. Here you will see an option that says “Change Voicemail Password”.
  4. Just tap it and you can change the password.

What should I do if I forgot my voicemail password?

An unfortunate situation may occur if you forget the voicemail password. Many users have this problem and so they try to reset their voicemail passwords on iPhones.

  1. Launch the Settings app and select “Phone”.
  2. Now tap on ‘Change voicemail password’ which is shown in blue.
  3. Here you will be asked to set a new password.

That is it! Here’s how to reset your voicemail password on your iPhone.

If you are unable to reset the password, you can also contact your carrier.

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