How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone?

Text messages are often deleted without thinking, but they can be a peek into your personal and professional life. If you deleted a text from someone who could be a potential customer or business contact, you may have just lost the opportunity to make the sale. However, there are some methods to recover text messages on iPhone.

There may be three most commonly used methods to retrieve deleted messages on iPhone.

  1. Restore your iPhone (only works if your iPhone was backed up when the text message was on the device)
  2. Contact your telecom provider
  3. Take advantage of a third-party application to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone without backup.

In this article, we will explain these methods so that you can get those deleted texts without any hassle.

How to find old text messages on iPhone?

Sometimes it may happen that messages are not deleted, but still you cannot find old text messages on your iPhone. However, it is very easy to easily search text on iPhone using the search option.

  1. Launch the “Messages” app.
  2. Open “All messages”
  3. Now just swipe down and you’ll see the search option appear at the top (usually it won’t appear there).
  4. Now you can search by message content or by the sender’s contact number.

It’s as easy as finding the content of messages on WhatsApp.

Apple provides two methods to backup your device, which are iCloud backup and iTunes backup. If your iPhone was backed up using one of these methods, your text messages should also be backed up. In such situation, you can restore the old backup file and get the texts. Here’s how to do it.

Recover lost text messages with an iCloud backup

This is a simple answer to your question, “How do I recover deleted text messages on my iPhone for free?”

Backing up your device to iCloud is the fastest and most convenient backup method. Restoring an iCloud backup is very easy so you can retrieve your text messages instantly.

However, it is imperative that when your phone was backed up to the iCloud, the text messages were on your phone and backed up. If you receive an important text message and you accidentally delete it right away. This means that it is not backed up to iCloud and you cannot retrieve it using this method (more methods are given below).

So you can go to Settings => Your name => iCloud Backup => Backups and check what time and date your phone was backed up. Now you need to reset your phone and restore the iCloud backup when setting up.

The annoying thing about this method is that if you have any data saved between restoring the data and the backup, this data will be deleted during this process. The SMS received between this time will not be retrieved.

Recover Deleted Texts from iPhone with iTunes or Finder

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčautomatic iCloud backups is excellent in theory, although it can be complicated in practice. You still have options if you don’t feel comfortable using iCloud. iTunes is for Mac with macOS Mojave or earlier and PC, while Finder is available for the latest macOS. The requirement for this method is also the same as above; the messages should be deleted after the backup.

  1. Connect your iPhone to the Mac or PC where you backed up your phone.
  2. Launch iTunes on PC or Mac with Mojave or earlier. And open Finder or macOS Cataline or a later version.
  3. Select the device option in the appropriate tool.
  4. Hit the “Restore Backup” option and your phone will be replaced with the data in the backup file.

This can take a few minutes to hours. Make sure the text is removed after the backup so that you can find it after you restore a backup.

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages by Contacting Telecom Carrier

Your carrier may have details of the text messages you sent. If your service provider does this, you can call them and get a copy of the texts. However, keep in mind that your telecom provider may have a copy of the text messages, not iMessage. All texts in iMessage are encrypted and cannot be decrypted by anyone but the recipient. So your mobile carrier has nothing to do with iMessages.

Nevertheless, it is not easy to get an SMS backup from your telecom provider and you have to present your ID and even ask permission from the recipient of your messages. Keep in mind that not all carriers keep the text messages, and those that do keep them for a limited time. So you can no longer retrieve messages that you sent or received a year ago.

Last resort backups of your text messages can be provided by your carrier. If something goes wrong and you can’t access it, calling customer service is always a good option.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages Without Backup Using Third Party App

If you are struggling to recover a lost text or photo, there are some software tools that promise to help. However, they don’t do the job reliably, or they may not even work on your iPhone. The good news is that third-party app development and services are booming these days; you can always find more free alternatives.

You will find many software on the internet that claims to recover all deleted data on iPhone, including text messages. If you’ve tried free tools, you may have noticed that they work, but up to a point. This does not mean that all paid iPhone backup tools work perfectly. You need to use some reputable software tools.

dr. Fone, iMyFone, Wondershare, Tenorshare UlData and PhoneRescue are some of the popular and appreciated software solutions in the market. It is claimed that recently deleted messages are not completely deleted from your iPhone; they are in flash storage. They cannot be recovered once they are overwritten by new data.

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