How to Prepare iPhone for iOS 16 Public Beta Download

At the WWDC 2022 event, Apple showcased the next major iOS 16 update with some great improvements and advanced features. The early geeks can download iOS 16 developer beta 1 on their iPhone and start testing. As we head towards the iOS 16 Public Beta release, iPhone users are already strapping in for the iOS 16 public beta download.

Many newbies are unaware of the process of downloading and installing iOS 16 public beta. That’s why we came up with the article to let users know how to prepare iPhone for iOS 16 public beta download when it finally arrives. enters. Let’s see this full article before the arrival of iOS 16 pubic beta 1.

How to Read iPhone for iOS 16 Public Beta Download Release

Step 1: Check iOS 16 Compatibility

Before going to iOS 16 public beta update, make sure your iPhone is compatible with iOS 16 update.

Step 2: Make an iPhone backup

If your iPhone is compatible with iOS 16, you can get a public beta install of iOS 16. But you should backup your iPhone to make sure all your data is stored securely to avoid accidental loss while installing iOS 16 public beta on your iPhone.

Step 3: Check iPhone Storage and Battery

Since the iOS 16 beta update will come in huge sizes, you’ll need to go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and make sure you have at least 10GB of free space on your iPhone to get the iOS 16 public beta update. download and install. Also, your iPhone must have more than 50% battery life to install the new iOS beta without interruption.

Step 3: Sign up for Apple’s iOS 16 public beta

After going through the 2 steps above, your next step is to sign up for Apple’s beta program. Enrolling your device in this program requires you to sign in with your Apple ID.

Step 4: Wait for the iOS 16 release.

After you complete the steps above, your iPhone is ready to download and install the iOS 16 public beta update. A release date for the iOS 16 public beta has not yet been announced, but it is expected to be released in the first week of July 2022.

Step 5: How to Download iOS 16 Public Beta?

After doing the above steps, you can follow the steps below to install iOS 16 public beta on iPhone.

  1. Launch Safari and go to
  2. Tap Sign up > and enter your Apple ID information to sign in.
  3. Remark: If you’re a beta tester, enroll your iOS device right now.
  4. Tap To accept
  5. Scroll down the iOS tab and tap register your iOS device.
  6. Scroll down and tap Download profile
  7. Tap Allow Close to to confirm the download.
  8. Open Settings and tap Profile downloaded.
  9. Tap to install top right. Now enter your device passcode.
  10. Tap to install twice.
  11. Finally tap Done† If there is a popup to Restartinghit it.
  12. launch Settings and tap General
  13. Tap software update
  14. When the update appears, click Download and install
  15. Enter your device passcode and the iOS 16 public beta will be downloaded.

That is it.

So you can download and install iOS 16 Public Beta on your iPhone and enjoy all the new features of the new iPhone ecosystem. The stable iOS 16 update will come in September with the launch of the IPhone 14 models. Until then, you can use iOS 16 public beta on your iPhone.

If you come across any extraordinary feature while using iOS 16 public beta, please let us know using the comment box.

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