How to Make Spooky Halloween Lock & Home Screen on iOS 16

When we finally stepped into the scariest festival of 2022, people can’t wait to show off their Halloween costumes this year. Besides that, many geeks like me would love to design the cool Halloween iPhone lock screen and home screen with the new iOS 16. It was fun last year when I made Halloween app icons and designed the best Halloween iPhone home screen.

But this year, iOS 16 adds too much fun for iPhone users because it has the feature of adding Halloween depth effect wallpapers to the lock screen along with Halloween widgets. Thanks to Apple for the new iOS 16 update that allows users to create an aesthetic Halloween theme on iOS 16 for iPhone users. Without further ado, let’s start with the customization. How to create an aesthetic Halloween lock and home screen on iOS 16

How to Make Spooky Halloween Lock & Home Screen on iOS 16

  1. First of all, download the best Halloween depth effect wallpaper.
  2. Get some Halloween app icons.
  3. Now change the lock background and home screen with the new Halloween image.
  4. Then change app icons to Halloween icons.
  5. You can also add a Halloween countdown widget using the Color Widget app. You can open the app, swipe through the available widgets on the lock screen and select Halloween countdown widget. Then you can add the Halloween countdown widget to the lock screen.
  6. You can also use Widgetable app to create Halloween GIF widget for iOS 16 lock screen.

That is it.

Well, adding some Halloween wallpapers with depth effects to iOS 16 lock screen gives the device a scary look and look different from others. You can even set any wallpaper based on your Halloween costume for that day.

Did you enjoy the guide and create a scary Halloween theme for iOS 16? If yes, please share your feedback in the comments section. If you need more about the same, don’t hesitate to ask for help through the comment box.

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