How to Make iOS 16 Spotify Lock Screen Full Album Art

It is so charming and refreshing to listen to the favorite song while viewing the full art of the song on the iPhone lock screen. Thanks to the new iOS 16, users can create full-screen album art on the iPhone’s lock screen when they start playing the song.

Yes that’s right. iOS 16 has a new feature to get Apple music art on the lock screen. Also, the most popular music streaming app Spotify supports this feature and user can enable or set Spotify music player in full screen on iOS 16 lock screen. However, it is so easy to get Spotify full on iPhone lock screen. But many users are not aware of the process. So, here we are.

How to Make iOS 16 Spotify Lock Screen Full Album Art

  1. Launch the Spotify app.
  2. Start playing the song.
  3. Lock the screen.
  4. Tap small album art from the bottom of the lock screen.
  5. Once you tap the song banner, it will cover the entire lock screen with the album art.

A similar process will be followed to get Apple Music full music screen player on iOS 16 lock screen. This is how you make Spotify fullscreen on the lockscreen of iOS 16.

Frequently Asked Questions

iOS 16 Spotify Lock Screen Not Working?

If the iOS 16 Spotify lock screen is not working on your iPhone, make sure the Spotify app is updated to the latest version and the Allow notification option is enabled in the Spotify app settings.

Can you disable the Spotify lock screen on iOS 16?

Similarly, you can tap the giant banner or art of the running song to disable the Spotify lock screen in iOS 16.

Is the iOS 16 Spotify Lock Screen Disabled?

The Spotify lock screen feature is not disabled by default on iOS 16. You have to tap the little art of the song to get to the full screen.

Why isn’t Spotify showing up on my lock screen iPhone?

Due to the older version of Spotify on iOS 16, you cannot display Spotify on the lock screen. So go to the App Store and install the latest Spotify app version for iOS 16.

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It’s so easy to create Spotify music player for iOS 16 on iOS 16 lock screen with a simple tap on the little song art. I hope you enjoyed the guide. Share your feedback in the comment section. Don’t hesitate to ask for more help.

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