How to Lock Hidden Photos on iPhone iOS 16

New releases of iOS versions often bring new features and surprises, and iOS 16 is no exception. Speaking of recent changes and features of iOS 16, Apple finally allows hidden and recently deleted albums in Photos app to be locked using your iPhone passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID. No additional software is required and everything can be done via the settings. Previous users had an option to hide photos from their gallery, but that was easily accessible to anyone as the hidden album folder has no locks and was visible in the photos app. After a while, users were given the option to hide the hidden folder from the Photos app, but it meant that when you want to open the hidden folder, you have to enable it first through the Settings app. It was too much hassle.

With iOS 16, Apple came up with a solution to all these problems by adding a lock to the hidden album folder. With this lock, no one but you can access this folder and you don’t even need to hide it from the photo application. There is also an option to disable authentication if you want to keep them unlocked. You also get a lock option for the recently deleted albums, but unfortunately, like hidden albumsAC, you currently don’t have the option to disable the lock for them.

How to Lock Hidden Photos on iPhone iOS 16

If your hidden album contains photos from personal memories or important scans, it’s a good idea to make it private. When you need to unlock your phone and give it to someone to see pictures, you may need to lock the hidden photos album on your iPhone. At the same time, you don’t want them looking through your private images.

To lock hidden photos on your iPhone device, you need to add a screen lock on your device first. If you have a screen lock on your iPhone, you can use the 1 . to skipst step and continue from the 2nd step.

  1. Set a screen lock password by going to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Enable Passcode.
  3. Go to photos in the settings app.
  4. Locate using the passcode option. If you’re using Face ID or Touch ID, you’ll see Use Face ID/Touch ID instead of the passcode option.
  5. Enable Passcode / Face ID / TouchID option.
  6. Go to the Photos app on your iPhone.
  7. Find a hidden album in the photo app.
  8. You will see a lock icon on the hidden album.
  9. Click on the album to open it.
  10. You will be prompted to enter your passcode or face ID.
  11. Enter the passcode/face ID to access the folder.

By following these steps, your hidden album and your recently deleted album will be locked and will only be accessible to you if you use a Face ID or Touch ID. With this locking system, you can be sure that no one can access your hidden photos without your permission.

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