How to lock apps on iPhone?

There is not one person on this planet who has not appreciated the lock feature of individual applications since the beginning. It’s creative, useful, not to mention privacy-protective. Ideally, when it comes to locking your apps on your iPhone, there are quite a few lock apps available in the App Store.

But, one or the other, they lack a few key features when you think about it. Don’t worry though, there are some easy workarounds that will allow you to lock your apps on your iPhone even without a passcode or Touch ID.

We’ll share more about that in this guide for you to take a look at.

Different Methods to Lock Apps on iPhone

There may be a handful of ways to lock your applications on your iPhone, but we are going to highlight the top 4 methods that we know work like magic.

Via iPhone First part

If you thought that the iPhone has a built-in app or settings to lock the individual applications, we have to disappoint you. That said, there are a few temporary tips you can follow for the same results.

Here’s what to do:

  • Open your Settings app on iPhone
  • Under that, go to the Screen Time tab and then enable it
  • From there, navigate to the Content & Privacy Restrictions functionality
  • Below that, tap on “Allowed apps” and turn off the switch
  • Go to the home screen and save the settings you have changed

Through the Screen Time Limit feature

The next thing you can use is the Screen Time Limit feature. This is available on iOS 12 and above and allows users to lock the app.

Follow the mentioned steps:

  • Open your Settings app then navigate to the Screen Time tab
  • Under that, look for the App Limits section and select Add Limit below that
  • You then need to select the apps you want to restrict. There are certain restrictions on the number of apps you can restrict, so check that too.
  • Choose a time limit for the individual app and save the changes.

Through guided entry

If there is one method that not many iPhone users know about, it must be this one without a doubt. Guided Access is a nuclear app locking option that prevents the user from leaving a specific app they are on. So if you’re using the notes app and guided access is enabled, users won’t be able to access anything else on the phone.

So technically it is a way to lock the apps on your iPhone. But how do you do that?

  • Open the Settings and then select Accessibility from the options
  • Under that, select Guided Access and toggle the switch there
  • From there you need to go to the passcode settings and set your Guided Access passcode and save the changes made

Using third-party apps

The last and probably one of the most versatile ways to lock the apps on your iPhone is by using third party apps. It is perhaps one of the most effective ways. You can find a plethora of application locks in the App Store that you can choose and download without any hassle.

However, never download and install an app that prompts you to jailbreak your iPhone. That’s the last thing you want to do.


If you are tired of people snooping around your phone and hacking into your personal data, the best choice is to lock the apps. We hope this article is informative enough to help you navigate the battle and find the easy way to lock some of your important apps on your iPhone.

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