How to Lock Apps on iPhone without Screen Time?

Apple is all about its privacy and security system on its iPhones. People prefer its security and that is the main reason to choose iPhone over any other device. Recently, the use of our smartphones has increased and almost everything is done from our iPhones, be it work related or a private matter, we need to keep it safe. It is important to protect our data by keeping it safe in a lock. Android has already given its users a feature that allows them to lock the application and set a passcode or face ID or touch ID to access it. Speaking of iPhone, Apple has not yet given its users a feature that allows them to lock the application of their choice.

There are many reasons to lock an app, you want to protect your data or you don’t want your child to open unwanted applications, etc. For children, Apple has provided an option that allows parents to limit their screen time. Since Apple didn’t give us a lock app feature, we came up with a backdoor. Using various tricks, we can lock and open applications according to our needs. Using screen time to lock apps is very common and can be accessed by anyone since the release of iOS 13 Apple started giving the option of another minute and ignore 15 minutes, this allows anyone to access the application without the access code. But don’t worry, we have several methods for you that you can try to lock the application as you want.

How to Lock Apps on iPhone without Screen Time?

Method 1: Using Shortcuts App:

Using the shortcuts app is not an official method of locking apps, but a backdoor. It is a technique of locking the specific apps individually by creating automation and directing the action to an on-screen shortcut app that can lock the apps individually.

  1. Open the clock app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the timer.
  3. Click when the timer runs out.
  4. Select the stop playing option.
  5. Tap set.
  6. Now open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.
  7. Go to the Automation tab.
  8. Tap Create Personal Automation.
  9. Click on the tab labeled App.
  10. Choose the application you want to lock.
  11. Select is open option.
  12. Click Done.
  13. Click the add action button.
  14. Find start timer in the search bar and click on it.
  15. You can set the timer to 1 second.
  16. Disable prompts before run and notify when options.
  17. Select Done.

Method 2: Using Restrictive Content:

You can use the content restriction feature to lock your applications, but keep in mind that this feature only works on the applications created by Apple itself and not on other third-party applications.

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Open the screen time tab.
  3. Go to content and privacy restriction.
  4. Click on allowed apps.
  5. Disable the apps you don’t want to lock.

Method 3: Using Guided Access:

Guided Access does not lock the application, but restricts users to a single app or a few selected functions. Once you open the app, you can enable guided access and you will not be able to switch between other apps unless you disable guided access with a passcode.

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Open accessibility.
  3. Enable the guided access option.
  4. Go to the passcode settings.
  5. Set the access code of your choice.
  6. Enter the passcode again to confirm.
  7. Open the app you want to restrict.
  8. Click the side button three times to enable guided access.
  9. To end the guided entry, click the side button three times and enter the passcode.
  10. Click the End button.

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