How to improve iOS 16.1.2 battery life?

People are not happy with the way iOS 16 is draining their iPhone’s battery. The upcoming iOS 16 updates should fix most of the battery health issues, but even with the recent iOS 16.1. There is nothing we can do about it except try to improve the battery life on your iPhone by following some basic steps that will surely prevent your battery from draining on your iOS 16.1.2.

“I haven’t been very happy with my iPhone 14 Pro’s battery life since I bought it. It was okay, but that’s it. Today has been the first day since updating to iOS 16.1.2 and battery life has improved significantly. I have two more hours today. I think it’s even more. Anyone else notice a change with iPhone 14? – Reddit user

How to improve iOS 16.1.2 battery life?

In a poll, more than 63% of iPhone users reported battery life deteriorating after the iOS 16 update. If you recently updated to iOS 16.1.2, you can try to improve your battery life by customizing and changing your iPhone device.

  1. While the new lock screen widgets seem useful, don’t leave many active when you’re not using them. They won’t consume a large amount of battery, but they will consume some.
  2. Vibration is great, but the haptic touch uses a lot of juice, and with iOS 16.1.2 haptic touch feedback, it will most likely have a negative impact on battery life. To save your battery, deactivate the haptic touch feedback option.
  3. The announcement notification feature announces the notification to you through the speaker, so if you don’t need it, make sure you turn it off, or you can turn it off for some applications you don’t need. Just keep announced notifications turned on for the applications you need.
  4. From the settings app, enable optimal battery charging. This won’t affect your iPhone’s day-to-day battery life, but you’ll have much better battery health in the long run.
  5. Home screen widgets, such as lock screen widgets, consume battery life. It’s best not to use too many widgets; instead, just keep the widgets that are used daily.
  6. Remove all programs that are no longer usable. If you think you’ll need the app or its data in the future, just unload it. Offloading the application saves all your data and reinstalling it will restore all your data. This will help you consume battery life.
  7. Turn off the sound recognition function. This feature listens to any of the sounds you choose and notifies you if one is detected. It’s a great feature, but it should be turned off when not in use.
  8. Avoid closing applications from the app switcher. Many people think that closing apps will save battery life, but this is not the case. Closing applications from app switchers consumes much more power on your iPhone as the program has to be restarted from the beginning which uses more CPU power.
  9. Use dark mode as much as possible to save power, as the pixels of the OLED display are completely turned off.
  10. Disable the rise-to-wake feature. This feature will consume your energy as it detects motion on the iPhone and turns on the screen every time you pick it up.

That’s it, folks! Here are the top 10 basic tricks to improve your battery life on iOS 16.1.2. Let us know in the comment box if you improve your battery life by following the steps above or not.

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