How to Import Photos from iPhone to PC?

Transferring the photos from iPhone to PC is a simple process and you have multiple ways to do it. It is easier to transfer your photos from iPhone to Mac because they are Apple devices. However, transferring the photos from iPhone to PC requires some workarounds.

We will share some of the best ways that we know work effortlessly and without hassle.

Easy Ways to Import Photos from iPhone to PC

The steps for importing the photos from iPhone to PC vary depending on the different OS versions available. So the steps for Windows 8 will be different from those for Windows 10.

#1 Windows 8 operating system

If you have a computer with an older version of Windows, especially Windows 8, Autoplay will appear when you connect iPhone to the computer.

The moment you connect iPhone to PC, there will be a pop-up message with “Tap to choose what happens to this device”. Below that, you will find a message saying Import photos and videos to import the pictures from iPhone to PC.

After selecting the images on iPhone, you can go ahead and tap Import.

#2 Windows 10 operating system

That said, if you want to import your photos from iPhone to PC, follow the steps.

  • Connect your iPhone to the Windows PC with a USB cable.
  • In the pop-up, tap on “allow the computer to access iPhone”
  • The Photos application starts automatically. If not, you may need to manually launch the Photos application
  • Tap Import which is present at the top right corner of iPhone Photos app
  • Tap “From a USB device” in the drop-down menu
  • Select the photos you want to import from iPhone to PC
  • You can change the location of the photos in the Settings
  • After selecting all the photos, tap Import and then Done

#3 Using a cable

Another alternative method that you can check out to import the images from iPhone to PC is to use a cable. Sometimes bug issues can prevent you from importing the images from iPhone to PC directly.

Here’s what to do:

  • Connect your iPhone to the Windows computer with a cable, then tap Allow
  • Navigate to “This PC” and find your connected iPhone under Devices and Disks
  • Right click on iPhone and then tap “Import photos and videos” from there
  • Tap Review to sort all images
  • Tap More options to change the preference settings where the images are saved
  • Tap Next and wait for the computer to scan all images and videos
  • Then tap Import to transfer all images

#4 Using iCloud Photos

If you have an iCloud backup for all the images and videos on your iPhone, you can follow the steps mentioned to download the individual images and save them to your PC.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Tap the Apple ID profile
  • Tap iCloud
  • Choose Photos there
  • Turn the iCloud Photos down

Once done, you can open iCloud on the PC and then find the individual images and videos you want to download.


These are some of the best ways that you can import your iPhone photos to PC without any hassle. Make sure to follow the mentioned steps and also ensure optimal security while transferring the images from iPhone to PC. We hope this article gives you some quick tips for a workaround.

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