How to Hide Messages on iPhone?

If you are one of those people who tend to like their privacy and want to keep their posts out of the prying eyes of the bystander, there are certain factors that you should pay attention to. iPhones are undoubtedly quite priced for their security and privacy features. But when it comes to messaging, there are certain things you need to take care of.

This article will walk you through some tips and methods that can help you hide your messages on your iPhone from prying eyes.

Why hide messages on an iPhone?

Messages (for the most part) contain private information. Unless you want to actively share the content of a message with someone, chances are we recommend that you hide the messages for your safety.

In addition to personal information, messages can also contain confidential business information that you do not want to be publicly leaked. In that case, we recommend that you also find ways to hide the messages.

If you’re dealing with a lot of encrypted, top-secret data that could get you in trouble if someone else reads it, it’s high time you found ways to protect and hide your messages on your iPhone without any further thought.

Hiding messages is also important if you have banking and financial information stored there. The last thing you want is someone snooping on your phone trying to get their hands on your bank passwords, etc.

Top Tips to Hide Messages on iPhone

Hiding messages on your iPhone doesn’t just rely on third-party app locks. Technically, there are some manual ways to protect these messages as well. Below we have listed all the top tips:

Don’t leave your iPhone unattended

One of the most common mistakes people make is leaving their iPhones unattended. Trust us, even if it’s just for a split second, you’re probably putting your iPhone at risk. But the good thing about iPhones is that they lock immediately after 30 seconds of no use. Apart from that, we recommend that you adjust the settings as you wish through the iPhone settings.

Lock with a passcode

If you have a friend, family or colleague who is suspicious and tries to access your iPhone, we recommend that you lock the iPhone with a passcode. Even if you have a Face ID to unlock iPhone, adding a security layer will keep your iPhone from being hacked if you don’t pay attention to it.

Delete the conversation thread

There are very specific lines of conversation that people are wary of and don’t want others to access. It could be a top secret message protecting you from outsiders. It can also be a message with professional data that others are not allowed to see. The best way to hide that is to delete the entire conversation thread.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Unlock your iPhone and go to the Messages app and open it
  2. Tap Edit
  3. Select the messages you want to delete
  4. Tap the circle next to the specific recipient’s name
  5. After selecting all relevant posts, tap Delete

If you don’t want to delete the entire conversation thread, there are also options to delete specific messages in the thread.

Disable Message Notifications

Sometimes people don’t even need to access your iPhone’s Messages app to notice and read the messages. If the notification pops up on your iPhone, people can open it directly and read from there, leaving no room to hide.

In such cases, you can turn off the message notifications directly from your iPhone settings. What this will do is stop all types of incoming messages on your iPhone. So even if someone sends you a message, there will be no notifications on the lock screen.

Here’s what you need to do for that:

  1. Open iPhone Settings
  2. Navigate to Notifications
  3. Scroll down and tap Messages
  4. Toggle the button next to Messages to turn it off

Unless you manually open the Messages app and read the message, no one can read it from the lock screen.

Disable Message Previews

If you are a forgetful person who is in the habit of not keeping track of the incoming messages when there are no notifications, the next best option for you would be to turn off the message previews. Sometimes, even with notifications turned off, there can be a fluke when the messages come in here and there.

If you disable the message preview, you will receive notifications such as “XYZ sent you a message” instead of showing a preview of the message.

Follow the steps to fix that:

  1. Open your iPhone settings
  2. Navigate to Notifications
  3. Scroll down until you find Messages
  4. Search “Options”
  5. Tap “Show Previews”
  6. Tap “Never”

This simple process can sort and disable the message previews so that no one can read the message content.

Disable notifications for a select few

When it comes to hiding the messages on an iPhone, it usually involves a handful of people. It could be your partner, best friend or people from work. If you have a list of people whose messages are top secret to you, you can turn off notifications for their incoming messages.

Here’s how:

  1. Open Messages on your iPhone
  2. Navigate to the conversation thread with the specific contact
  3. Swipe left on the thread
  4. Tap Mute

This way you can select the individual call lines and mute the notifications one by one.

Using the Invisible Ink feature

Not every iPhone user is aware of this particular feature, but it works effortlessly. The invisible ink feature works effortlessly and allows you to send messages in a hidden form so that other prying eyes cannot see the message.

How to use the function:

  • Open the Messages app on your iPhone
  • Navigate to the conversation thread of the specific recipient you want to message
  • Write the text you want to send
  • Long press the arrow icon on the right
  • Tap “Send with invisible ink”

This will send your message with invisible ink, keeping your text message safe and away from prying eyes.

Use the Notes app

The last but probably one of the best hacks to hide the messages on your iPhone is by using the Notes app. The process is quite simple and proactive at the same time. However, the limitation of using this app is that it can be very time consuming if you are saving multiple messages. It works effortlessly for one or two messages.

For single texts, you can simply take a screenshot of the message and save it to your notes app. Once done, you can delete the specific message so that no one else can access the message on your iPhone.


These are some of the easiest yet most effective hacks you can follow to secure and store your messages on your iPhone and prevent them from being seen by others. Sometimes you don’t even need a third-party app because most of the protective features are already integrated into the iPhone.

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