How to have a different lock screen and wallpaper iOS 16?

With Apple offering better customization features, especially with the lock screen, home screen, and background situation, it’s not surprising that users are consistently looking for ways to spruce up the look of their devices.

After all, your home and lock screen often reflect the kind of mood you’re in. So it is not wrong to want to change the backgrounds so often.

Since the release of iOS 16, several new features have been included about the new ways you can beautify the look of your lock and home screen on your iOS device.

Can I have a different lock screen and wallpaper for iOS 16?

Before you get confused, let’s clarify one thing. When we say wallpaper, we are talking about the background of your home screen.

That said, can you have two different images on your lock screen and wallpaper on iOS 16? The answer is yes.

However, when you change your lock screen, iOS 16 will immediately suggest using the same wallpaper for your home screen by default.

Here you have to deny the suggestion and instead go ahead and set a brand new home screen wallpaper that best represents your mood and aesthetic at that particular moment.

When setting up your new lock screen, avoid the “Set as wallpaper pair” popup. Instead, you’ll need to set up your home screen separately, as we just discussed.

How to set a different home screen background?

When it comes to setting a home screen background other than your lock screen, the steps are pretty straightforward.

All you have to do is follow the mentioned steps:

  1. Unlock your iPhone and swipe to the previous home screen you were using. From there, tap Customize
  2. Tap the Home screen option
  3. Below that, you need to choose the color and gradient buttons to customize the aesthetic you want set for the home screen. If not, you can directly tap Photos and select the image you want to apply.
  4. If it’s a new image that you haven’t used as your home screen before, you can edit, adjust, and sort the look of the image to best fit the home screen’s dimensions.
  5. When you’re done with that, tap Done.
  6. You’ll need to tap Done again to complete the edit and you’re good to go.

For the lock screen, you can change it as you wish directly from the lock screen page. And that’s all you need to do to have a different home screen and lock screen on your iOS 16.

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