How to Hack Hill Climb Racing on iOS 2022

Since the launch of Hill Climb Racing, people all over the world have loved this free racing game because it defies Newton’s law and takes players to new and unique challenges. After a few years, Fingersoft released the game’s sequel to the fans. However, the game follows an excellent gameplay; many iPhone users want to use the Hill Climb Racing hack for iOS.

As we saw, many players are asking and searching for a way to hack Hill Climb Racing iOS 2022 version online, and it is trending on Google Trend. We thought let’s talk about it.

Since Hill Climb Racing has some tough challenges and long levels, many users want to use Hill Climb Racing mod to complete each level without any interruption and get unlimited coins in the game to unlock cars and other exciting stuff.

Get Hill Climb Racing Hack for iOS

Disclaimer: Since we are using the third-party tool to get the Hill Climb Racing iOS hack, make sure you know it is against Apple’s policy. We are not here to promote such activities as this post is for informational purposes only.

  1. First, download a third-party program called “Pandahelper”, it is a free app but not available in the app store.
  2. Go to to get it.
  3. The above link will take you to the official panda helper website, where you will see a “Download” button.
  4. Click on it and panda helper will start downloading.
  5. You need to open Panda Helper after it needs to be downloaded; however, since it is a third-party app, you must first “trust” the creator of the app on your iOS device.
  6. Go to Settings and tap the General tab.
  7. Click on the profiles and trust the creator of the app there.
  8. Now open the panda assistant from the home screen of your iOS device and choose the search bar once it loads.
  9. The search box appears at the top of the screen; choose it and type “Hill Climb Racing hack ios” in it.
  10. Hill Climb Racing IOS Hack will appear in the search results as a free download.
  11. Simply tap the “install” option to start the download.

While installing the Hill Climb Racing hack for iOS, you must have an iPhone with iOS 4.3 or later version. After following the steps above and using this hack on your iPhone, don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment box.

If you need more help regarding the same, feel free to ask for help through the comment section.

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