How to get the iOS 16 themes for Realme

Everyone wants to get their hands on iOS 16 because it is creating so much fuss with its exciting new features. Not only iOS users, but even Android users are also intrigued by the new features that iOS 16 brings. Since iOS 16 was released, there have been many searches to get the iOS 16 themes on Android, more specifically on Realme smartphones. The Realme device is undoubtedly giving its best experience to users, but it can’t hurt to take a little change away from the Android theme.

By getting the iOS 16 theme on your Realme device, your device would be just like getting a new iOS skin over Android, it also makes your Android look and work like an iPhone, but it would only change the look of it change, the processor would still be the same. There are many third-party applications that can help you do your job by giving you an iOS look on Realme phones. With the new iOS 16 theme, you can get a similar look and feel to an iPhone, such as wallpaper, icons, lock screen, settings, notifications, dialer path, file manager and much more. Let’s take a look at some of the most common third-party applications that can give you a complete iOS 16 look for your Realme device.


iLauncher is an amazing application that gives you the experience of iPhone themes from Google’s Play Store. It consists of multiple wallpapers and an interface based on iOS 16 for Realme phones that claims to turn any phone into an iPhone quickly, easily and simply, with all the icons, animations and effects that iOS 16 offers. It has 3D touch, the ability to hide apps and many themes to choose from. You will also find plenty of widgets to choose from, which are similar to the iPhone lock screen widgets.


One of the best iPhone themed launchers for Realme devices is Launcher iOS 16. It is highly regarded by its users. It also offers the identical iOS 16 UI on any Realme phone, turning any phone into an iPhone. With its iOS 16 themes, this launcher transforms your Realme phone into an iPhone, complete with the same icons, effects, transitions, widgets, and control center with all iOS choices and notifications, among other features. Fortunately, iOS 16 launcher does provide users with the identical iPhone lock screen, unlike other third-party applications, which omit the lock screen portion. It gives you the same exact details of the iPhone’s lock screen with its own widgets and also offers the standard iOS blur effect when you pick something in particular. Except for the processor and physical model, everything would be turned into iOS 16 theme with Launcher iOS 16 application.


iLauncher X can be considered as an excellent iPhone theme application for Realme. Its main feature is the default iOS design, but it also consists of several tweaks that allow you to adjust the size of program icons and text, among other things. It also has various effects and transitions, as well as a 3D touch menu and other features. Though it provides you with many iOS related features, it lags behind when it comes to lock screen, home screen and other features can work in the same way as iOS but your lock screen will be the same as the one provided by the company. Usually Android devices slow down when they install an application that is too big, but luckily iLauncher X is only about 10 MB and it won’t consume much of your data, so Realme devices don’t get a chance to slow down because of this application.

That’s it, folks! If you have any other suggestions in mind for installing the iOS 16 theme on the Realme device, please share them with us in the comment section below.

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