How to get Pubg Mobile Beta on iOS

The popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile recently started testing the beta version of PUBG Mobile 2.4. Ever since the beta version landed, iPhone users started asking about the way to join the PUBG Mobile beta on iOS devices.

Using the new iOS version of Pubg Mobile 2.4 beta, the player can test the upcoming game modes and new features in advance. So many early geeks are eager to get their hands on the new PUBG Mobile 2.4 beta update.

PUBG Mobile 2.4 included new features, bug fixes, and improved graphics and control. This new iOS beta version of PUBG Mobile 2.4 added Back For Honor mode, in which the player can send a revenge mission after being eliminated. You can also see the brand new two-wheeler with a lion dance theme. Players will also love the new grappling hook. There is a new Martial Arts Arena.

In addition, this new Metro Royale update has a new map divided into Basic Mode and Advanced Mode. There are ziplines and stairs to help users move quickly. There are new NPC enemies and bosses. Four new salable items have been added (biological sample, processor (GPU), gold stacks, lens).

How to Download PUBG Mobile 2.4 Beta on IOS

iPhone users can visit the official PUBG Mobile beta page to download PUBG Mobile 2.4 beta on iOS devices. However, Android geeks can just download PUBG Mobile 2.4 APK and start testing the new game.

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