How to get iOS 16 keyboard for Android

As an Android user, you cannot take advantage of the iOS benefits. But you can download third-party apps to make your Android customization look like iOS. In this way, you can experience the use of iOS devices. For example, if you want to use the iOS 16 keyboard on your Android device, you should look for third-party apps that can provide it. There is no official Apple keyboard available on Android. In any case, you can download various Android keyboard apps from the Play Store. Some are great while others are pure crap, so be careful when you choose your application to download iOS 16 keyboard on your Android device.

It is possible to use an iOS keyboard on an Android device. While third-party keyboards like Go Keyboard and SwiftKey can be installed, the iOS keyboard requires your phone to be rooted. Since iOS keyboards must be signed by Apple, it is currently not feasible to install one on your phone without rooting it first.

How to get iOS 16 keyboard for Android

The procedure for rooting a phone varies from phone to phone. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for Android (Samsung) users.

1. Install the Samsung USB drivers first.

2. From this list, choose the Android device you want to root and then download the root package for it.

3. Open the APK file on your Android smartphone from your file manager and extract the root package.

4. Once the program is installed, launch it and follow the on-screen instructions to root your device.

5. Use Cydia Impactor to install the latest version of iBackupBot on your PC by downloading it from Cydia Impactor.

6. Launch iBackupBot to restore the apps, data, and settings on your device to a previous backup.

7. Open iBackupBot on your computer and connect your phone. Choose your iOS keyboard app from the “Raw Backup” column on your left by clicking there.

8. Unplug your phone and drag the keyboard to your desktop.

9. To install the keyboard on your phone and reset it to its default settings, locate the file on your desktop and open it with iBackupBot.

10. Go to “Language & keyboard” in Settings app on your device after it is successfully restored.

11. From the list of available keyboards, choose the iOS keyboard you just loaded.

12. Return to the Language and Keyboard Settings page to make sure it is installed correctly.

Below are some of the suitable iOS 16 applications to download on your Android device. All the apps below can be found in the PlayStore app on your Android device.

An Android keyboard software called iPhone keyboard allows customization. With a variety of themes, your phone will look more cool and futuristic.

For Android smartphones, the Green Apple Keyboard is a stylish, fast and intelligent keyboard. For fast texting, chatting, texting and emailing, this is the best smart keyboard for android. It looks almost exactly like the iOS keyboard.

Once installed, the Apple Keyboard application accurately replicates all the functions of the keyboard on Apple-branded devices. Although it is free, there are ads.

That’s it folks! There are the steps through which you can install iOS 16 keyboard on your Android device. If there is any question regarding the download process, let us know in the comment box and we will be sure to get back to you with a solution.

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