How to get iOS 16 full screen music player on lock screen on iPhone

When Apple presented the full screen music player on the iPhone lock screen with the iOS 16 update, everyone eagerly waited to get the full screen music player on the iPhone lock screen. When the music player is in full screen on the iPhone lock screen, the lock screen takes on a completely charming look along with the lock screen background color.

Since the feature is new and aesthetic, every iPhone user wants to know how to enable full screen music player on iPhone lock screen. After a month of waiting, Apple recently added this feature to the new iOS 16 beta 3. Yes, it was missing in the first two iOS 16 betas.

We know that Apple has revamped the lock screen feature on iOS 16, allowing users to add a new lock screen wallpaper, change the lock screen color, add widgets, and create an aesthetic lock screen design. This new full lock screen music player feature is also under the lock screen improvement.

Enable Full Screen Music Player on iPhone with iOS 16

Whether you offer music on Apple Music or Spotify, this new feature supports both apps and allows users to get a bigger screen music player on iPhone lock screen. Once you’ve installed iOS 16 beta 3 and the music is playing, you’ll see the album art in the front and center and below, a smaller music player is available to control the playback. To get this in full screen, you need to tap on the small music player UI at the bottom of the lock screen. Again, you can tap the bottom of the screen to go back to the default wallpaper while minimizing the music player.

Isn’t it charming to have a full screen music player on the lock screen of your beloved iPhone? Have you already tried this feature? Did you like the artwork? Share your feedback in the comment box

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