How to get chat GPT shortcut for iPhone/IOS 16

Many iOS geeks around the world have been looking for Chat GPT Shortcut for iPhone since this chatbot was launched a few months ago. Since the launch of this platform, it has received great response from users as it used natural language processing tasks to give the result. However, you can use the best Chat GPT apps on iOS, but it would be easy to add Chat GPT shortcut to iPhone home screen without downloading the app.

Chat GPT has been dominating the world for the past few months since Chat GPT’s AI chatbot outperformed Google. It also helps users with codes and solves math problems like never before. Many tech giants predicted that this would be the great Google alternative. If you want to use Chat GPT on iOS 16, here is the guide to download Chat GPT shortcut on iPhone.

How to get chat GPT shortcut for iPhone/IOS 16

  1. Open the Safari browser.
  2. Tap this link.
  3. Press the Get Shortcut button.
  4. It will be added directly in the shortcut app.

After adding this Chat GPT shortcut, you can directly share the Chat GPT based chatbot result with the users without copying.

  1. After adding Chat GPT Shortcut, go to
  2. Complete the login and ask ChatGPT to write something for you.
  3. Then, after generating the result, tap the share button at the bottom.
  1. Then tap Share via ShareGPT.
  2. Tap Allow.
  3. Press Always Allow again.
  4. After that you will be redirected to ShareGPT with ChatGPT generated content with the link.
  5. Press the Copy with Link icon and share with the other user.

Thus, you can write ChatGPT based AI Chatbot generated content and share it with others.

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