How To Fix Xbox Cloud Gaming iOS Not Working Issue

Playing Fortnite on my iPhone was the only reason to install Xbox Cloud Gaming on my iOS device. Fortunately, I have dozens more great Xbox Cloud Gaming games installed on my iPhone, such as Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, Sea Of Thieves, Among Us and many more. Unfortunately, it would be worse for many users to face the problem of Xbox Cloud Gaming iOS not working.

A user on Twitter wrote that Xbox Cloud Gaming showed an error code fDZK3ts8KBxd8tF72fVVtQ.8 and stopped working on the iPhone. However, as a true Apple fan, we have tried to find a solution and found some working methods to fix Xbox Cloud Gaming iOS not working issue on iPhone. If you are constantly seeing Xbox Cloud Gaming stop working on iOS, check out these solutions to get rid of it now.

How To Fix Xbox Cloud Gaming iOS Not Working Issue

Method 1: Check the browser

When we searched for the solution, we found that it would be helpful to switch to a different browser to fix Xbox Cloud Gaming iOS not working. If you have a problem with the Safari app, please switch to Google Chrome. Users can also update to the latest version of Safari browser and try using Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Method 2: Check Wi-Fi Connection

While playing your favorite game on your iPhone with Xbox Cloud Gaming, if the game stops working or starts showing Xbox Cloud Gaming error on iOS, make sure your iPhone is connected to the stable Wi-Fi network.

Method 3: Update to iOS 15

Since Xbox Cloud Gaming is new and running the latest update of Safari and iOS, you must be running the latest version of Safari and installing the latest iOS 15 updates to run Xbox Cloud Gaming properly. So, if you are using an older iOS 14 version on your iPhone, installing the latest iOS 15 update can help fix Xbox Cloud Gaming not working on iOS issue.

Method 4: Disable AdBlocker

AdBlocker helps to keep annoying ads away, but also causes problems while playing a game with Xbox Cloud Gaming. It also stops some buttons in Xbox Cloud Gaming. Therefore, it would be good to disable AdBlocker to use Xbox Cloud Gaming properly.

Method 5: Disable VPN

Because Xbox Cloud Gaming is only available in limited regions, you can’t use Xbox Cloud Gaming everywhere. So it’s better to disable the VPN app on your iPhone and then officially use Xbox Cloud Gaming.


These are some workarounds that have helped many iOS users to get rid of Xbox Cloud Gaming errors. If any of the above methods worked for you, share them with us in the comment box. Do you know another method; you can also leave a comment below.

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