How to Fix “WhatsApp Business Not Working” on iPhone

WhatsApp Business has become an excellent platform for retail brands to make business deals with retailers, merchants and customers and make everything easy from iPhone. It helped many small businesses expand their business while connecting. However, WhatsApp Business no longer works on iPhones for many users after the new update of 22.12.74.

Just imagine that all your daily work depends on WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business suddenly stops working. It would mean a significant loss of money and business relations. After WhatsApp business update 22.12.74, the app no ‚Äč‚Äčlonger works. Many users also reported the WhatsApp business crash issue on Twitter.

How To Fix WhatsApp Business Not Working iOS Issue

Method 1: Check for Updates

While checking online, users with WhatsApp Business update 22.12.74 on iPhone are facing WhatsApp Business crashing iOS issue. It has been more than a day since people started getting this problem. Since many users have reported the issue, we can expect the official WhatsApp Business update soon from the developers of the app to fix the WhatsApp Business issue with iPhone.

Method 2: Restart the device

A few users tried to restart the device which helped them to fix WhatsApp Business lagging issue on iPhone. If you are facing the same problem, you can try the restart method to fix the problem and make deals in WhatsApp Business app.

Method 3: Check Server Status

If you find that the problem occurs on multiple devices, you can check the WhatsApp Status server at the to make sure that the problem is global and that we can expect an official fix from the app maker.

Having a problem with WhatsApp Business not working on your iPhone? Have you tried any of the above methods? Did it work? If yes, please share the solution in the comment box.

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