How to Fix iPhone Top Left Corner Blurred?

Apple has revolutionized the smartphone market with the launch of its iPhones. It’s easy to work through, has revolutionary improvements and a premium build quality.

Despite its popularity, iPhone owners sometimes complain that the screen gets blurry in the top left corner. Most users who experience similar issues report that they have a hard time viewing the notifications because they are located there.

While some users think it’s probably a display issue, some users are trying to do a factory reset to get the issue back under control.

If you are experiencing similar issues, there is a quick workaround you can look into. It is simple and it is mainly due to the software complications.

How to fix Top left corner of iPhone Blurred?

After the hundreds and thousands of users who encountered the problem, people have concluded that the problem is not hardware related but it is software dependent.

Here’s what you can do to fix the problem:

  1. Go to your iPhone’s Settings app
  2. From there navigate to Display & Brightness
  3. Switch from light to dark mode

If it doesn’t recover even after changing this setting, we recommend waiting for the iOS 15.6 version to be available. Apple suggested that they are working on the issue and the same will be fixed in the next update.

We are looking for more information on this topic. So if you’re looking for quick fixes, we recommend that you keep an eye on this space for further updates.

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