How to Fix iOS 16.2 Battery Drain on iPhone 11

I think we have all accepted that iOS 16 and its versions will have battery drain issues and there is no turning back. Like any other update, iOS 16.2 also had the same battery drain issue. There were many users who used Twitter, Reddit, Quora and Apple discussion forums to convey their battery drain issues. I noticed a lot of complaints about iPhone 11. So, in this article, I will show you some solutions for iOS 16.2 battery drain on iPhone 11.

“iOS 16.2 Battery extremely low iPhone 11 I installed iOS 16.2 on my iPhone 11 yesterday morning. By noon the charge had crashed to 22%. Charged. Again big drain, few background apps. Checked Battery Status: 88% maximum charge. This morning it was 100% charged after overnight charging. Checked every hour and it dropped 14% per hour. No calls, no web searches, screen off most of the time. Battery app says Screen on 2h35m off 24m. Strange, because the screen was off for over two hours while I was working on a project.” – Apple discussion forum

Reasons for iOS 16.2 battery drain on iPhone 11:

Before trying the solutions, you should know the reasons that cause battery drain problems on your iPhone 11.

  • Sometimes it is not due to the update but it could be some applications you installed on your device that are draining all the juice. Try to delete those applications from your iPhone 11 if they are not needed, it can save battery life. You can find which app is causing the battery problem by going to the settings app > battery > below you will find the list of all apps and how much battery they consume.
  • You should also check your battery status, if it is below 85% then it is not due to the update but your battery status is getting old and losing its percentage, draining your iPhone 11 battery.
  • Your iPhone 11 might be a bit old and maybe that’s why it can’t keep up with all the changes that take place during the software update.
  • It could be due to the apps not being updated. All applications you install must be up to date or else it may cause battery problems. So now go to the app store and update all your applications.

You just have to accept that all updates have battery issues and iOS 16.2 is no different because when an update comes to your device it brings certain changes that require a lot of background upgrades which can drain your battery life. What you can do here is try to save the battery as much as possible by doing some repairs on your iPhone 11 device.

How to fix iOS 16.2 battery drain on iPhone 11?

Background App Refresh: Disable

Games and applications continue to run in the background and are updated. Disabling an app’s background activity can help you save battery life significantly if you find it’s consuming a significant portion of your power. For all apps that do not require continuous background operation, we recommend disabling background app refresh.

• Avoid using live wallpaper for your lock screen.

Using live wallpaper for your lock screen can be a problem for your battery life. The fact that it is a live wallpaper means that it runs continuously in the background and consumes battery power. You can use plain wallpaper instead of active wallpaper like astronomy.

• Use fewer widgets

You may notice a decrease in your iPhone’s battery life as these widgets are constantly downloading new data in the background. Use fewer widgets or only those that are really useful in your daily life to avoid excessive battery consumption.

• Get up to wake up: disable

Sensors used by the Raise to Wake feature continuously track the movements of the device as the battery drains in the background. It is almost guaranteed that disabling this option would increase battery backup.

• Keyboard feel: disable

It’s likely that haptics take a big chunk out of battery life when it vibrates your smartphone. Even Apple acknowledged in their statement that keyboard haptics can reduce battery life. Therefore, disable the haptics function of the keyboard.

• Dark Mode: Enable

iPhone battery life lasts longer when dark mode is enabled. OLED screens save a small amount of battery life by emitting dark colors, which use less energy than bright ones. Therefore, make sure that the dark mode feature is enabled.

• Energy Saving Mode: Enable

Your iPhone’s battery life can be extended by enabling low power mode. It saves battery life by removing unnecessary background processes from apps.

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