How to Fix “Chat GPT Not Working on iPhone” in 2023

Every day and every hour I notice something new and charming about the ChatGPT AI tool. There is a slew of complaints about ChatGPT not working on iPhone, Android, and desktop computers. The ChatGPT not working issue has been reported by thousands of people around the world.

Similar issues with ‘Chat GPT won’t load’, ‘Chat GPT won’t open’, ‘Can’t login to Chat GPT’, ‘Chat GPT is not available in your country’ and ‘Chat GPT isn’t responding’ are experienced by some Chat GPT-3 users. Since so many customers in different parts of the world are facing this problem, we have put together a list of proven solutions. Let’s evaluate each strategy individually.

How to Fix “Chat GPT Not Working on iPhone”

Method 1: Change the browser

Switching to another browser is helpful to fix Chat GPT not working issue on iPhone. So if you are using the Chrome browser, you can switch to the Firefox or Microsoft Edge browser to make Chat GPT run smoothly.

Method 2: Check the server status

As we know, the ChatGPT AI tool is in too much demand; it is possible that the Chat GPT server is unavailable due to the increased number of pings. You can go to Downdetector page to check Chat GPT server status.

Method 3: Clear caches and cookies

Clearing browser caches can be useful to prevent Chat GPT not working or opening issue on iPhone. So go to the settings at the top right > tap More > tap Clear browsing data > select time duration > checkboxes next to image and file caches and cookies > tap Clear data.

Method 4: Disable the VPN

If you use VPN while using ChatGPT, you may get stuck because you are not opening Chat GPT on your iPhone. Therefore, you can disable VPN on your iPhone and solve this problem.

Method 5: Disable extensions

Also, when you have added an extension to your browser, it can sometimes cause issues while using ChatGPT on your device. We therefore recommend that you disable the Chat GPT blocking extension in your device’s browser in order to use ChatGPT smoothly.

Method 6: Check Internet Service

If your iPhone’s internet connection is unstable and not working properly, it’s a good idea to connect the iPhone to a durable and strong working Wi-Fi network to keep ChatGPT running smoothly.

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These were the six working solutions that helped many users to fix ChatGPT not working on iPhone. Did it work for you? Do you know any other method to solve the same thing? Share it with us in the comment box.

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