How to fix Airpods not connecting to iPhones?

I went through Apple’s current feed and noticed that many of them are having trouble connecting Airpods to their iPhone devices. There were many users who claimed that this could happen after the iOS 16 update. But this is highly unusual as iOS 16 has not reported any bugs and issues based on Airpods not connecting. If you’re still having a connectivity issue, you should look into it. But before you assume the worst, try to figure out why AirPods are having trouble connecting to your iPhone. There may be a few reasons that you may want to consider, such as software and firmware issues, some dirt on your AirPods, low charging, it may be a fake product, interference from other applications, some damage caused by water, etc. If you find the reason know, it is easier to solve the problem. You can follow the methods below and it will surely help you reconnect Airpods to your iPhone.

Methods to Fix Airpods Not Connecting to iPhones

Reset your Airpods

Any random software or firmware bugs that prevent AirPods from connecting to your iPhone can be fixed by resetting the AirPods.

  1. Keep your AirPods in their case for 30 seconds with the case closed.
  2. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  3. Tap Bluetooth and then choose the option to View More information about your AirPods.
  4. Click Forget this device.
  5. Open the charging case for your AirPods.
  6. Press and hold the setup button on the charging case for about fifteen seconds.
  7. With the case open, bring the AirPods near the iPhone, then reconnect them as directed.

Check the charging status

Low battery can also be the cause of Airpods not connecting to your iPhone. Before connecting, check your battery status and make sure it is fully charged. To check the battery status of Airpods, bring the charging case closer to your iPhone and open the lid to check the battery percentage displayed on your iPhone’s screen.

Clean your Airpods

Having dirt in Airpods could be the reason that the proximity sensor is blocking which can cause problems connecting to iPhone. You can try to remove the dirt from your Airpods by using a toothbrush, or something with bristles and dipping it in alcohol, you can even use a toothpick, at the end use a clean cloth dipped in alcohol to clean the rest .

Update Airpods Firmware

You need to keep your devices up to date including the firmware which improves the performance of the device and usually fixes the connection problem.

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to general.
  3. Click About.
  4. Select your AirPods and check the current firmware version.
  5. To check the latest firmware version of the AirPod, visit Apple’s official website.
  6. If the firmware version of your AirPods does not match the one on Apple’s official website, connect your iPhone to a secure Internet connection and restart your AirPods.

Connect manually

  • Place the AirPods in their charging case and close the lid.
  • Bring the AirPods closer to the iPhone and open the lid of the charging case.
  • Press and hold the back button on the case for at least 10 seconds and see if there is a blinking white light.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone.
  • Choose AirPods from the list of recognized devices.
  • Confirm the pairing of the AirPods and iPhone.

Network Settings: Reset

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to general.
  3. Click Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  4. Click reset.
  5. Click Reset network settings.
  6. Enter your access code.
  7. A pop-up will appear, click on reset network settings to confirm your action.

Contact Apple Support

If you have tried all of the above methods and are still having trouble connecting AirPods to your iPhone, then you should contact Apple Support for further assistance. You can either try to contact Apple online by going to Apple’s official site or you can go to the nearest Apple Store for the same.

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