How to fix a water damaged iPhone

Nowadays, the iPhone has become water resistant. That’s a bit of relief. Even if you spill a few glasses of water, it won’t damage your iPhone. I remember watching my brother come from work during the pandemic and immediately went to wash his iPhone 11. He made sure no virus would get through his iPhone, and luckily no damage was done by water as he literally cleaned his iPhone every time. day. We can call him germophobic. But it doesn’t mean I would recommend people to do this, it can be dangerous to put your iPhone through this, and it won’t prevent water from getting into the speakers. Water ingress from the speakers can also cause the same damage.

What should you do if your iPhone gets wet?

  • Do not connect the iPhone. If it’s already plugged in, unplug it gently.
  • Do not turn on your device. This can cause short circuits.
  • Remove the case or cover from your iPhone, it may contain moisture.
  • Also remove the SIM card. Water can accumulate in these crevices.
  • Wipe liquid off anything you can reach with a soft absorbent towel or cloth. You can even use a toothpick or pin to try charging points, a headphone jack, or a SIM card.
  • To clean the ports and sockets, turn the iPhone upside down and shake it gently.
  • Place your iPhone in a warm, dry place.
  • Every iPhone has a small indicator. The designation is a piece of plastic that glows red when exposed to too much water. You can check this indication to see if your phone is damaged. Use a flashlight to look in the harbor.

iPhone 5 and later – Look for a red indicator in the SIM tray slot on the screen side of the phone.

Look for a red indicator in the charging port or headphone jack on an iPhone 4S.

How to fix a water damaged iPhone?

Apple Watches include a built-in feature that can be activated to eject the water by playing a preset frequency and clearing the speaker grilles. Why iPhones don’t have a similar choice is a mystery, but there is a fairly simple technique to get the same results. It’s called Fix My Speaker. My brother also used this site to throw water out of speakers just in case after washing. I bet that’s why his iPhone has never been damaged by water.

Fix My Speaker is a similar site that resembles Apple Watch’s built-in feature of draining water from the speaker. It plays a specific tone that generates sound waves that cause the water to be ejected. You will feel the vibration, and you may also feel a little breeze from the speakers as you activate Fix My Speaker. It is very simple to use. Just open the site and click the water eject button to activate the blower and you’re good to go. Link of Fix My Speaker is provided. Just go to the site and click the button and your job is done.

PS: putting your iPhone in a rice bag is just a myth. There is no real evidence that this method works. Instead, it will get dust and gray in your device and will do the same damage as water.

A word of advice; even after trying these methods mentioned above, there is still a chance that the iPhone has been damaged by water or any liquid. Better to create a backup so that you don’t lose any data in the process. And above all, it is advisable to call Apple Care or go to the nearby Apple Store and get help.

Until next time, with another topic. Until then, Toodles.

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