How to fake Pokemon Go iPhone for free

It’s been over a few years since I played Pokemon Go. It reminded me of the old days when I played Pokemon games as a kid. The real-world GPS-based game impressed me when it was augmented reality gameplay. Initially it was fun to hunt the Pokemon monsters while walking through the real gardens and walking paths.

After playing the game for a few years, I started using some GPS spoofing apps on my Android phone to fake the game’s GPS and play the game while sitting on the couch at home. But then I switched to the iPhone. Of course, iPhone is the safest as compared to Android, but it was not easy for me to fake Pokemon Go on iPhone. However, after thoroughly researching the Pokemon Go spoofing hack, I found the method and here it is.

How to fake Pokemon Go iPhone for free

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and we do not promote third party apps or mislead our readers.

  1. Be sure that Energy saving mode is disabled on your iPhone.
  2. Go to Settings > Exposure Alerts > Enable Exposure Alerts.
  3. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.
  4. Go to and visit the website.
  5. Tap Search and enter Poke Go Spoofer.
  6. Tap the result and click the Download Now button.
  7. Wait a few seconds for the processing to take place.
  8. Now you will see the full task screen. You must complete the task to get to the last step. Tap the track.
  9. Once you complete two tasks, Poke Go Spoofer will be installed on your iPhone automatically.
  10. Now you can open the game and enjoy it.

That’s how I started using Pokemon Go spoof on my iPhone. However, sometimes this Pokemon Go spoofing hack doesn’t work. But there are many other methods available to use the Pokemon Go iOS spoofing hack.

Have you tried this method on your iPhone? Did you enjoy this Pokemon Go spoofer on your iPhone?

Know another Pokemon Go spoof iPhone for free? Then share the method in the comment box.

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