How to Enable or Disable Lockdown Mode in iOS 16?

The iOS 16 has brought a number of new features to the iPhones, including the unique Lockdown mode. Apple unveiled this new feature as an extreme security feature that is expected to change the overall usability of iPhone users.

The new Lockdown Mode is not only for iOS 16, but will also be functional in iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura.

Since the feature is quite new, it’s not surprising that not many iPhone users know how to use the feature in real time. We’ll explore more about that in this guide.

What is Lockdown Mode in iOS 16?

Lockdown Mode is designed to provide iPhone users with an extra layer of security. But Apple has also clarified that this feature is not for every iPhone user.

It is a must-have feature for users who handle extremely sensitive data and are prone to risks from cyber attacks that could compromise the security of their devices.

Where Does Lockdown Mode Work in iOS 16?

When Lockdown Mode is activated on an iOS 16 device, many of the device’s functions are restricted to reduce the risks of surface attacks against potential cyber threats.

The feature is functional in several iPhone apps, such as:

  • Messages
  • surf
  • Apple services
  • Facetime
  • Shared albums
  • Wired connections
  • Configuration Profiles

Enabling the feature allows the users to keep their data safe on their devices without any compromise.

How to Enable or Disable Lockdown Mode on iOS 16?

Since the Lockdown Mode feature is quite new on an iPhone, it is not surprising that many users are confused about its usability. To be honest, it’s not as complicated as you think.

Here’s what you need to do to enable or disable the feature:

Steps to enable Lockdown Mode:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iOS 16 installed iPhone
  2. Navigate to Privacy & Security
  3. From there, scroll down to Lock Mode
  4. In it, you need to enable the “Enable Lock Mode” feature
  5. When you’re done, tap “Turn on and restart” to confirm and save the settings.

In some cases, you may need to enter your passcode to confirm the changes you probably made.

Steps to Disable Lockdown Mode:

  1. Go back to the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. From there, open Privacy & Security
  3. Navigate at the bottom to Lockdown Mode
  4. Tap “Disable Lock Mode”
  5. Tap “Turn off and restart” to save changes to iPhone settings.

The addition of Lockdown Mode is Apple’s additional step toward enhancing individual security features in their iPhones and other devices such as Macs and iPad. Apple is also seeking collaboration and feedback from cybersecurity researchers.

To further expand its reach, Apple has introduced its Apple Security Bounty program, which could soon connect us with a range of new security updates and technologies from the technology brand.

Keep an eye on this space for further updates in the iOS, iPhones and Apple niche.

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