How to edit lock screen iOS 16

With iOS 16, Apple has completely redesigned the lock screen, starting with the essentials and building a virtual dashboard for your life.

Apple recently released iOS 16 and I can imagine that almost all iPhone users have downloaded it by now. Let’s discuss all the improvements and changes made by Apple to the iPhone home screen and lock screen in iOS 16. One of the most notable elements of iOS 16 is the significant customization update, which gives it a really distinctive feel. You can now do a lot with your lock screen and there is a lot to talk about. Without further ado, let’s discuss how to customize your lock screen. You now have a ton more options than just the image; you can, among other things, adjust the fonts and colors and add various 3D depth effects.

You no longer need to open the Settings app on your iPhone to change the wallpaper, which is one of the biggest improvements in iOS 16.

The wallpaper switcher appears when you press and hold the lock screen. You can find your wallpapers here. Your default wallpaper is the only one you have; change is not available.

How to edit lock screen iOS 16

Create a new lock screen:

  1. Just long-press on your lock screen somewhere other than where your notifications appear to personalize it.
  2. Your lock screen will zoom out and the (+) button at the bottom of the screen will allow you to add a new lock screen.
  3. You can manually or automatically choose between different lock screen configurations.
  4. In addition, under Wallpaper in the Settings app, you can change the current lock screen.
  5. A long press will bring up a selection mode where you can swipe to the lock screen you want to remove and then long press.
  6. Remove Wallpaper can be chosen from the bottom of the screen.

Choose the lock screen style:

Choosing your wallpaper is the first step in creating a new personalized lock screen. A background image from your collection of photos. During the day, the background image changes automatically. The frequency can be changed to hourly, daily, on tap or upon awakening. In addition, you have the option to manually select photos or use the Photos app’s featured photos, which are automatically chosen from various categories. Select up to six emojis and a pattern will be created. Displays a dynamic globe representing the Earth or a close-up photo of your location on it or the moon or a specific feature of it or the entire solar system. You can even choose a background color to create one of six subtle gradient effects.


The first thing you want to adjust after choosing a style is the time. There are several options available and it is the largest part on your lock screen.

Tap the time to see the font and color picker. More than a dozen colors are available, six font styles are available, and a color wheel lets you choose any color.

Choosing how you want notifications to appear is the last step in customizing your lock screen. You do this via the Settings app. By default, notifications are displayed in a new stacking format, with the most recent notification appearing at the top and older notifications fading into the background. With iOS 16, you can change the default to one of these views by going to Settings > Notifications. You can swipe up and down between them, whatever you want.

To add widgets to your iPhone’s lock screen:

With iOS 16 update, you can now choose which widgets you want to see on your lock screen. In editor mode, press the plus sign (+) in the box below the date and time to choose which widgets you want to see when your screen opens. Want to go out but the weather is a buzz kill, be well prepared by adding weather app widgets so you can keep up with it and make your plans accordingly. Keep track of your health by adding a fitness widget to your lock screen.

Simply long-press on the lock screen and click on the Add Widgets option, and you will be presented with tons of options from which to choose your widget according to your need.

That’s it folks! Here are all the basic things you need to know when editing the lock screen on iOS 16. Let us know your thoughts on this new feature in the comment section below.

Until next time, with another topic. Until then, Toodles.

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