How to Download PokeMMO on iOS 2022?

As a true Nintendo fan, I always enjoy playing Pokemon games. When I was a kid I played retro games. But now the trend has disappeared as smartphones and game consoles have replaced retro game consoles. However, I still admire the older games and luckily got the chance to download PokeMMO on an iOS device.

PokeMMO is specially designed by fans MMORPG emulator that will help iPhone users to play 3rd generation Pokemon games online as the games are not available on App Store.

The great thing about the PokeMMO IOS version is that it has an excellent move pool and learn set changes to balance the game and travel through the different regions as long as you have four badges.

Disclaimer: Since Apple restricts the use of third-party apps, we do not recommend that users sideload third-party apps. This article is for informational purposes only.

To make the game fun, PokeMMO also included gyms and E4.

How to Download PokeMMO on iOS?

Recently, PokeMMO celebrated its 10th anniversary with the 3 patch series when they released the PokeMMO for iOS devices running iOS 11 or later. Using PokeMMO IPA, iPhone users can install PokeMMO on iPhones.

Remark: PokeMMO is available for the iOS device under the beta program. The final version is yet to be released.

Step 1: Register for PokeMMO iOS

First, the user has to visit the PokeMMO registration page to submit the details and register for PokeMMO iOS.

Step 2: Download AltStore

After registration you need to install AltStore on your iPhone.

Step 3: Download PokeMMO IPA

After installing AltStore on your iPhone, you need to download the PokeMMO IPA file here.

Step 4: Launch AltStore

Then open the AltStore on your iPhone and go to the “My App” page. You need to tap the “+” icon at the top left and choose the PokeMMO IPA file. Then follow the on-screen instructions to load PokeMMO.

Step 5: Run PokeMMO with the app launcher.

Step 6: Get the supported ROMS in the game menu

  • Current required compatible ROMS: Black/White 1
  • Current Optional Content Compatible ROMS: Fire Red, Emerald, Platinum
  • Current optional visuals Compatible ROMS: HeartGold/SoulSilver

Step 7: Start and start playing.

Here’s how to download and install PokeMMO on an iOS device. If you’re playing PokeMMO on your iPhone for the first time, don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section.

It has been more than a month since the PokeMMO iOS version for iPhone users came out. Lots of things are coming to PokeMMO iOS in the future.

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