How to download MB Whatsapp for iOS 14 and iOS 15?

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When I used the Android phone, I admired having some iPhone features on my Android. And iPhone WhatsApp UI was one of the best things I wanted on my Android phone because I couldn’t afford to buy an expensive iPhone. I also searched for third-party apps to get WhatsApp iPhone version on my iPhone and found MB Whatsapp iOS 14.

Fortunately, I managed to switch from Android to iPhone within a few months and started using every great feature of the iOS ecosystem. But many people are still looking for MB Whatsapp iOS 15 or iOS 14 files to download for Android and make iPhone feel like WhatsApp on Android without buying iPhone.

What is MB Whatsapp?

MB Whatsapp is a specially designed WhatsApp-like app for Android users that offers some extraordinary features of the original WhatsApp. It also offers an iOS-like design of WhatsApp for Android users. This is a perfect app for WhatsApp Android users.

The latest version of the app also included some unique features such as ghost mode, which blocked you, status confirmation, react with emojis, and much more.

Besides the perfect iPhone-like WhatsApp user interface and design, MB Whatsapp iOS 14 or iOS 15 version also included some new emojis from the latest iOS update for use on WhatsApp.

If you want to download the MB Whatsapp IOS 14 and iOS 15 versions on your Android phone, you can follow the link below.

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