How to download iOS emulator for Windows 10?

Want your Windows 10 PC to have an iOS layout, UI, and feel? If yes, then downloading and installing an iOS emulator on your Windows 10 PC should help.

It is not only the layout but also Apple’s security that prompts various Windows users to download the iOS emulator to make their life easier. Also, due to the increased security, it is often quite difficult to test various iOS native apps on platforms other than Apple devices.

So if you’re a developer who needs to test different apps across multiple platforms and operating systems, iOS emulators are a great way to streamline that user experience for you. The main meaning of an iOS emulator is that it allows you to run apps that are only meant for iOS devices.

If you are not sure how to download an iOS emulator for your Windows 10 PC, this article will cover all the important tips.

How do the iOS emulators work on Windows 10?

If you are considering downloading iOS emulators to your Windows 10 PC, you should be aware of the importance.

Why do you need it and how does it work??

Almost every application and software you use on different devices needs native operating systems to run without interruptions. But unfortunately, the architecture of each operating system varies.

An app developed exclusively for iOS platforms will not work on other operating systems and vice versa. When you download an emulator, it replicates or mimics the native operating system of the specified device.

So if you download an iOS emulator on your Windows 10 PC, it will turn your Windows PC into how an iPhone works. This provides the developers with a simple platform to test their apps and other important software.

Using an iOS emulator, you can run iOS apps on Windows 10 devices without any hindrance.

What are the best iOS emulators for Windows 10?

Now that you have a good idea of ​​how to use iOS emulators for Windows 10, let’s walk you through the best ones online.

If you are a developer dedicated to developing iOS apps, Smartface is an iOS emulator that will come in very handy for you. The app is very diverse and allows developers to not only test their iOS apps but also get a preview of how they will perform on any iOS device.

The emulator also comes with a free and premium version. If you want more in-depth use of the emulator, we recommend downloading the premium version for an extra $99. In addition to the iOS emulator, Smartface also has an Android emulator.

Another popular developer tool worth checking out is Corellium. Like Smartface, even Corellium has a premium version that you can download for $99. It also offers a lot more accuracy when it comes to the user experience.

Users also have full autonomy to run production code and also support a variety of sensors including GPS, battery, etc. It also supports APIs that streamline the automation process specifically targeting iOS devices.

Last on the list is, a web-based iOS emulator. So if you don’t want the hassle of downloading a separate iOS emulator to your Windows 10 PC, this is a great option.

Since it is compatible with almost every web browser, you don’t have to worry about using it on your device. It works flawlessly on Windows 10 PC or any other platform. From accessing network traffic to debugging logs, you can use this developer tool for such tasks.

The way you download and install any or all of these iOS emulators on your Windows 10 PC will depend on the emulator you download and the installation process they have.


Downloading iOS emulators to your Windows 10 PC can be grueling, especially for developers who don’t have access to multiple devices to test them. What we highly recommend that you look into downloading the best emulator that meets all the basic requirements and streamlines your user experience for the better. We hope this article gives you an overview of the best.

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