How to Download iOS 16.2 Beta?

Apple is literally on the right track with their next iOS updates and it looks like a new one is just around the corner.

With the recent launch of the iOS 16.1 mini updates after the major iOS 16 updates, Apple has a new one right around the corner with their iOS 16.2 updates. It’s currently in the early stages of beta testing, so if you’re curious about what’s new and how to download the beta version, you’ve come to the right place.

The new iOS 16.2 beta is currently available to select iPhone users and introduces a variety of feature updates, bug fixes, and general software updates.

The iOS 16.2 beta update is currently available to the developers, so if you have a beta profile with Apple, you should be able to access the same almost immediately.

Rumor has it that the new iOS 16.2 update will bring a plethora of new updates including Freeform app, Home upgrades, improved ProMotion support, etc.

Let us walk you through all the details you need to know about downloading the iOS 16.2 beta.

Steps to Download iOS 16.2 Beta to iPhones

As we just discussed, iOS 16.2 beta is currently only available to developers who have a beta access account with Apple.

Here’s what you need to do to download the new update:

  1. Open your iPhone and go to the Apple Beta page and sign in
  2. From there you need to log into the Beta Software program
  3. You will then need to enroll the iOS device you will be using for beta testing
  4. Agree to the terms stated on the next page
  5. Open your iPhone settings
  6. Go to General and then go to VPN and Device Manager
  7. From there, tap the iOS 16 beta profile

Reboot your iPhone and you should have all the new features of iOS 16.2 to beta test on the registered iPhone. Always use a spare iPhone for beta testing as the software update is not stable and can compromise the functions and data of your primary iPhone.

What are some expected features in iOS 16.2?

With the recent launches of iOS 16 and iOS 16.1, Apple users don’t expect drastic changes with the iOS 16.2 version.

But one of the highly anticipated features likely to be available with iOS 16.2 is Freeform app access. Not just for iOS, reports suggest the same is expected to be available for macOS Ventura as well.

Also, the new iOS 16.2 update is expected to improve the iPhone refresh rate to 120Hz for the latest iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 devices to improve usability and gaming experience. These models can expect a performance improvement with this update.


This is all the current information we have about iOS 16.2. If you plan to download the beta version, you must sign up for Apple’s developer beta testing program. If not, you may have to wait for the public beta to launch.

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