How to Download iOS 16.1 Public Beta 3?

After successfully launching the official version of iOS 16 for iPhone users, Apple has now launched the public beta 3 of iOS 16.1. It’s accessible to the developers and we’re pretty excited to see what this new beta launch has in store for the user.

Despite the recent launch of iOS 16 on September 12, 2022, it seems that Apple is all set for a minor release with iOS 16.1. The public beta 3 is currently only available to registered developers.

If you’re excited about this upcoming minor release of iOS 16.1, rest assured that the current beta is only available to registered developers.

What’s in the iOS 16.1 Public Beta 3?

With Apple constantly improving its user interface and having access to a variety of customization options, it’s not surprising that the new iOS 16.1 public beta 3 offers many unexpected features that no one would have thought of.

Here’s a quick rundown of the same:

  • Download in-app content in the background

The new in-app content background download is the first of its kind and something that Apple has not previously released in any of its other operating systems. This new switch and feature will be added to the App Store section available in the Settings. The specific feature will remain enabled by default in the Settings so that users can easily access the download of relevant content.

  • Changes in background settings

Another notable change introduced in iOS 16.1 Public Beta 3 is the changes to background settings. It introduces a cleaner and more refined UI for the iPhone background, making it a lot more accessible than you might expect. It also gives the users access to multiple wallpaper and lock screen options and can switch between them comfortably.

The introduction of paired Matter built came out in one of the previous beta launches. With the kind of reception the specific feature got, it’s not surprising that Apple had to remove it completely from Settings with the public beta 3.

However, there are possibilities that the same feature will make a revamped comeback with a later release. But nothing has been confirmed at this point. We would have to wait for future successive launches to see what works and what doesn’t.

How to Download iOS 16.1 Public Beta 3?

Now that you have an idea of ​​the new features and updates that come with iOS 16.1 Public Beta 3, you must be wondering how to access them.

To be fair, the process is not that complicated. If you are a certified developer and have a registered developer account with Apple, you can download the new iOS 16.1 public beta 3 from there.

However, since it is not yet available to the standard users, you will need that developer account to install and use it on your iPhone.

Keep an eye on this space for more information about the release of iOS 16.1 and other related information.

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