How To Download For iOS 14

When I was a kid, I played retro games on my Nintendo device, which my father gave as a gift for my birthday. I grew up and the game world has also changed and improved. I have been using the iPhone for a few years now. Of course the iPhone is the best. However, I missed playing retro games. But last month I found GBA4iOS to be the best platform to play my favorite games on iPhone.

Initially, many blogs suggested that the user should get the jailbroken iPhone GBA4iOS. Since Apple banned BGM games on iPhones and iPad, people had to jailbreak the device. But luckily I managed to download GBA4iOS on iOS 14 device without jailbreak.

How to Download GBA4iOS 2022 on iOS 14

  1. Open the tweakboxapp page in the Safari app on iPhone.
  2. Tap the Install Now button.
  3. Tap Allow if prompted to configure.
  4. Go to the Settings app.
  5. Tap General.
  6. Go to the profile, find the Tweakbox app and tap on it.
  7. Tap the App tab, scroll down to GBA4iOS and it.
  8. Now tap the Install button next to GBA4iOS, tap Install and then go to File App > On My iPhone > GBA Roms.
  9. Now go to Settings > General > Profile > tap ShangHai P&C IT > tap blue ShangHai P&C IT and tap Trust.
  10. Go to the home screen and launch GBA4iOS.
  11. Tap Allow notifications to be sent.
  12. After that, you need to add GBA games to GBA Roms.
  13. So download Game ROMs from safer and trusted websites and copy and move the game to Game ROM section in File app.
  14. After moving it to BGA Roms, press and hold the file, tap Share and select Copy to GBA4iOS.
  15. Now the game has been added to the GBA4iOS homepage.

That is it. Now you have GBA4iOS on your iPhone without any limitation, and you can open the app and enjoy your favorite retro games on your iPhone for free. Many users are still not sure whether GBA4iOS is safe or not.

How do I trust GBA4iOS on iOS 14?

Yes, GBA4iOS is completely safe for iOS 14 or iOS 15 on iPhone as it doesn’t use iPhone data and everything else as you can install it without jailbreaking the device. If the device is not jailbroken, there will be no serious security issues for iPhone users to use GBA4iOS on iOS devices.

Did you enjoy the post? Do you like playing retro games on your iPhone with GBA4iOS? If you’re having trouble following the steps above, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box.

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