How to Download Fall Guys on Mac for Free

No one thought the flexible character-based survival shooter Fall Guys would get too much attention from users around the world. Ever since I saw the gameplay of Fall Guys on PlayStation and Xbox, I wanted to play Fall Guys on Mac.

The game follows the same survival shooter mode as PUBG. But it has a very unique and 10 minutes of cool gameplay with colorful and funny yet straightforward graphics. The game starts with 50 players jumping onto the island and playing against each other, and the last man standing wins the game.

Because the game is so popular worldwide, many Apple Mac users are looking for a way to download Fall Guys on MacOS for free. As a Mac user, I also researched and found the trick to play Fall Guys on Mac. If you are a Mac user and want to get Fall Guys to download for mac as well, here’s the trick.

How to Download Fall Guys on Mac for Free

Since the Fall Guys Mac version has not officially landed yet, Mac users can use “Boot Camp Assistant” to access Windows PC system on Mac and also get Fall Guys on Mac.

Remark: Make sure you have an Intel Mac. The M1 or M2 based series does not support this method.

  1. First, download the official Windows 10 ISO file.
  2. Visit the official Windows 10 download page and follow the instructions to save the ISO file to your computer.
  3. Grab the USB stick with at least five GB of free space and unplug any other external storage devices you don’t need.
  4. Access the “Boot Camp Assistant” via Spotlight search or from the Utilities folder.
  5. Then check the boxes “Download the latest Windows support software for Apple” and “Install Windows”. You will be prompted with a pop-up.
  6. Locate the ISO file you downloaded in the first step and choose your USB drive from the list that appears in the next step.
  7. After that, you need to partition a portion of your drive so that Windows 10 can be used. This is up to you, but make sure to allocate at least 20 GB of space.
  8. The rest is self-explanatory as you are taken through a series of screens that tell you what to do and ask for your system preferences.
  9. After you have successfully installed Windows 10 on your Mac, download Steam.
  10. Log in to Steam and start downloading Autumn boys. The game should open immediately since you are technically running a Windows operating system, which Autumn boys fully supports.

That’s all.

Now you can play Fall Guys on your Mac for free. However, if you have an M1 or M2 series Mac, you can also use Parallels Virtual Machine methods to access Windows system on Mac and download Fall Guys.

Did you follow the guide and install Fall Guys on your Mac? Do you know of any other method to do the same? Don’t hesitate to share your feedback in the comments section.

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