How to Download Carx Street on iOS

Ever since the beta version of the Carx Street landed for the early geeks, users all over the world have been waiting for CarX Street to enjoy the best nighttime ride like the Fast And Furious movie series. While Android users can download Carx Street Apk on their smartphones, iPhone users are searching for a way to download Carx Street iOS.

Carx Street is the night world of the street racing game where players can go to the huge open world and enjoy drift, speed, traffic and rivals like racing movies. Once you jump into the free street racing, you can challenge and become a Sunset City legend. Since the creators of CarX Drift Racing 2 designed the game, it offers great speed drift gameplay. Let’s take a look at this guide to get CarX Street on iPhone.

How to Download Carx Street on iOS

Remark: We will change the App Store location to download the game from the locations in the available countries. Since the game is available in Russia, we will change the country to Russia and install the app.

  1. Start the Settings app
  2. Tap you Profile name.
  3. Tap on Media & purchases
  4. Go to View account and verify your identity.
  5. Navigate Country / Region
  6. Touch Change country or region
  7. To elect Russia and save the settings.
  8. Start now the App Store
  9. To search CarX Street and install the game.
  10. After you download the game, you can return to your current region.

Now you can launch the game and start the night races from your iPhone. The game offers great graphics and gameplay.

Once you’ve started playing the game, don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment box. As the game offers highly engaging gameplay, the player has to take a break to avoid mental strain while playing the game.

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