How to do long exposure on iPhone in iOS 15

With each new iPhone and iOS upgrade, Apple continues to improve its camera. The iPhone’s camera was the main reason for me to switch from Android to iPhone. As a photography enthusiast, I like to take nature photos from my iPhone. Recently, I took a lot of photos in Live Photo mode for long exposure on iPhone. Thankfully, there is no longer a need for a long exposure iPhone app since the Long exposure option was added in Love Photo mode.

Whether you want to take a long exposure of a waterfall or move vehicles at night from the iPhone, Apple’s Live Photo feature allows users to take long exposures on the iPhone in iOS 15. This feature was added to the iPhone on iOS 11. Many changes have been made from iOS 11 to iOS 15 and now it has become easy for iPhone users to take long exposure photos on iOS 15. Let’s see how to do it.

How to do long exposure on iPhone in iOS 15

Step 1: Enable Live Photo

First of all, you need to activate the camera’s Love Photo mode. To do this, open the camera and tap the rounded earthy icon (Live Photo) on the top of the camera.

Step 2: Capture the wide shot

After enabling Live Photo, you can take a photo of the wide-motion object. Make sure to hold the iPhone firmly. When you take a photo with Live Photos mode, the image also records the 1.5 second movement before and after the shot.

Step 3: Select the long exposure option

Once you’ve taken the last photo, open the image and tap Live in the top left corner. Now you will see Loop, Bounce and Long Exposure, and you need to tap Long Exposure to add the effect.

Extra travel while taking slow shutter photos on iPhone

  • When you select Long Exposure from the three options, you will get the Long Exposure effect on the photo on your iPhone. This means that once you select the Long Exposure option, the image will blur the moving object of the photo.
  • As we mentioned above, Live Photos shoot as they take 1.5 seconds before and after the last shot; you need to make sure to keep the device steady for 3 seconds to make the image stable. You can also use a tripod for better image stabilization.
  • Since Live Photos saves the image file only in HEIC format, you can edit the image in the restricted app or edit the image in computer apps.

What was your first slow shutter shot like on the iPhone?

After following the above tips to take Live Photos and add Long Exposure effect to photo from iPhone running iOS 15, don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment box. Know of any other best iPhone photography tips? Don’t hesitate to share the comments with other readers.

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