How to Disable Junk Report on iOS 16?

Since phone spam has recently become so bad that it had to be slowed down, spammers are now texting people more often and it is spiraling out of control. To get rid of them and prevent them from doing this, report text messages if they spam you without your permission.

Apple has added the option to report SMS/MMS messages as junk in the Messages app in iOS 16. This is an extension of the built-in Messages Report Junk feature, which previously only allowed you to use iMessages with blue bubbles. report. You may now be able to use the same option to mark an SMS/MMS message as junk, which will notify Apple and your carrier and delete the message.

How to Report Junk on iOS 16

  1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to the message you want to report as junk.
  3. If the message is from an unknown sender, you will see the junk e-mail option in blue on the screen.
  4. Click Report Junk Text.
  5. A pop-up will appear asking you to report unwanted messages.
  6. Click the Delete and Report Junk E-mail option.

When you report junk messages, Apple receives both the sender information and the message, and the message is permanently removed from your device. You cannot undo what has been deleted. In addition, the messaging app sends both the sender and the respective message to Apple.

Reporting junk email doesn’t stop the sender from sending another message. When you report a spam message, Google receives a copy of up to ten of the spammer’s most recent messages to improve spam detection. Your replies to the spammer will not be forwarded to Google. Your name or phone number is not associated with the spammer’s messages.

That’s it, folks! Follow these simple steps above to report any unwanted messages you receive and stay clear of all the fraud involved.

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