How to Cut on Mac

It is very common to take a screenshot on your device of something you like and want to save. Taking a screenshot is a piece of cake, no complicated method. But have you ever tried to take screenshots on your MacBook? On the iPhone you have an assistive touch option for screenshots or you can just click the power button and volume button to take a screenshot. But when it comes to MacBook, how do you do it? It is not rare that many MacBook users do not know how to cut. But with the help of some snipping tools it is possible to do this.

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What is clipping?

Snip is similar to screenshots. Snipping is a kind of tool that helps Mac users to take a screenshot. It is also known as the screen capture application that can capture custom areas or the continuous storefront. Speaking in terms of mac, it’s basically a way to do a screengrab.

What is the difference between a snippet and a screenshot?

Although snipe is a bit different from normal screenshot. A screenshot captures the whole screen in the form of an image saved in the gallery app. Whereas when you use snip you have the option to manually choose a specific part of the screen.

How do you cut on Mac?

There are many third party snipping tools you can download, but why bother when you already have a built-in feature on Mac to snipping that you can use, it is known as Grab. Grab is like a screen capture, but you can choose to take a picture of only part of the screen.

  1. On your Mac, go to the applications.
  2. Click Utilities.
  3. Find Grab in the list and click on it.
  4. A toolbar will appear on your screen at the top.
  5. Click capture.
  6. There you have 4 options: selection, window, screen and timed screen.
  7. SELECTION: You can drag the mouse across the screen or over the portion of the screen you want to capture. Go to file from the toolbar and click save. Name your file and choose where to save it. Click the Save button.
  8. WINDOW: of capture click on the window. A popup appears. When the window you want is ready, tap Choose window. Then click on the window to capture it. Save the file.
  9. SCREEN: takes a screenshot of the entire screen; you just have to click anywhere on the screen and a screenshot will be clicked. Save the file.
  10. TIME SCREEN: This is used to take a full screen screenshot in 10 seconds. Click on the start timer option. In the pop-up you see the timer ticking and after 10 seconds you get a screenshot. Then save the file.

Snipping Tool For Mac:

There are other third-party applications you can download for sniping if you don’t want to use the built-in tool for it. Downloading third-party applications also gives you access to many new features that Grab couldn’t offer.

  • Aiseesoft mac screen recorder.
  • Sketch for mac.
  • jing for mac.
  • Movavi screen recorder.
  • Captain
  • Light shot
  • Clean Shot X
  • Text Sniper

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