How to clear app cache on iOS 16?

Cache is not a bad thing on your iPhone, contrary to what most people would say. Storing cookies and cache on your iPhone makes the user experience personal. So to some extent it helps to keep them on your iPhone.

However, if you have never cleared the app cache on your iOS 16, rest assured that your app will eventually start misbehaving or you may experience slowdowns in phone efficiency. These are common consequences that can be eliminated if you clear the app cache on iOS 16.

If you are concerned about how to do this, we have gathered all the relevant information in this article.

How to clear app cache on iOS 16?

1. Restart iPhone

While this won’t clear much of your iPhone’s cache, it will clear a small amount of iPhone app cache. However, if you are experiencing issues like app freezing or touch unresponsiveness on your iOS 16, restarting the app can easily fix the problem.

Restarting the iPhone also fixes minor software errors that often lead to slowdowns and lack of responsiveness in the various apps on your iPhone.

2. Clear Safari cache

If you are an iPhone user and have the latest iOS 16 installed, rest assured that the Safari app is where the maximum cache is located. When you browse different web pages in Safari, the app saves the cache and cookies to provide the users with a personalized user experience.

What we recommend you do is manually clear the cache and cookies and here’s what you can do:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down until you find Safari
  • Go to “Clear history and website data” and tap on it

Clicking this will erase all your history and browsing and website data from Safari, freeing up a lot of space on your iPhone.

3. Via app settings

Another way to clear the apps cache is to access them directly from the individual app settings. Various apps like Chrome, Firefox and Snapchat store related cache in the app settings.

Clearing this excess cache is not as complicated as you think. Here’s an example to follow for clearing Google Chrome’s cache:

  • Go to the Chrome app on your iPhone and tap the More button
  • Tap on “History” then navigate to “Clear browsing data”
  • Select the cookies, site data, cached images and files in the options and tap “Clear browsing data”.

Once you confirm that, all cache and cookies stored in that particular application will be deleted. You can follow the same process for the other browser-based applications on your iPhone.

4. Use third-party apps

If the above options don’t seem favorable to you and you want a more accessible option, we recommend using third-party apps. There are quite a few options available for you to check out.

Options like iMyFone Umate and PhoneClean are two of the most popular available on the web. Most of these cleaning apps are subscription-based, so that’s one of the reasons why we recommend trying the above options before switching to a paid option.

All these third-party apps come with their subjective steps to clear cache and cookies so you should follow the on-screen instructions accordingly.

That’s all you need to do to clear all the cache of the various apps installed on your iPhone with iOS 16. Just make sure to be careful when deleting the cache of a few specific apps as this will cause login credentials be deleted, saved passwords, etc.

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