How to check Apple serial number lookup?

Ever wondered about that unique number printed on your Apple device? What does this mean? Is it about the age of your phone? How valuable is it to monitor or track? Well, if all these questions bother you a lot, you have landed on the rightmost page to root out all your dilemma.

The serial number of a device indicates a lot of information in the encryption format. While this unique number may seem insignificant to the new user, it is very important, especially if you are buying a pre-owned iPhone or selling your device.

Thinking about how to check Apple serial number lookup? Here is the comprehensive guide to the detailed description of the serial number along with the step by step procedure to verify it. Without further delay, let’s start the tour.

What does the Apple serial number look like?

Apple serial numbers are nothing more than a simple string of numbers and letters. It reveals a wealth of vital information about your gadget that you could not get any other way. The production date and location are indicated by the serial number.

It can be useful if you need additional parts or if you want to find the manufacturer of your item. After 2010, Apple started using a 12-character alphanumeric serial number. In other words:

  • The serial number looks different, of course, but they purposely chose these letters.
  • The production location is represented by the first three digits.
  • The year and week of manufacture are indicated by two more digits.
  • Unique identifier is represented by the following three numbers.
  • The model number is represented by the last four digits.

The alphanumeric code represents the manufacturing location. While getting a complete list of factories is complex, most of their locations are known. Typically, factories in China label the devices with both letters and numbers, while Asian, American, and European countries use alphabetical codes, which are generally placed after the first letters of the location.

Curious what RM stands for? Well, it indicates Remanufactured or Refurbished and is generally written on the devices being overhauled.

What information does the Apple serial number provide?

It provides the following details:

  • Place of manufacture
  • Age of iPhone or other Apple based device
  • Storage capacity
  • Time of manufacture:
  • Model and color of the Apple product

Where to check the Apple serial number?

Please note that the serial number placement on the item depends on the manufacturer. So you can check out the following locations:

  • The surface of your device
  • If you connect your device to iTunes, you should be able to find the serial number there.

When using a Mac:

  1. You can select it from the Apple menu
  2. Choose this Mac.
  3. Your serial number can be found here.

Follow these instructions if you’re using an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPod, or Apple Watch:

  1. Navigate to the Options menu.
  2. Find and choose General.
  3. Choose the About icon.
  4. You did an excellent job! Everything you need is here!


Thank you for reading!! We hope our guide helped you understand the serial number in a little detail. Before purchasing an Apple iPhone, it is necessary to check the serial number. All you need to do is ask the seller to give you the serial number of the Apple device while you buy the phone.

Model number, production time, production date, unique number, color and warranty status are automatically provided by the Apple iPhone serial number service.

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