How to Change Voicemail on iPhone?

If you think voicemails are a thing of the past, you’re wrong. To this day, they play a very crucial role in improving the overall communication between the voter and the recipient. If you’re busy with something else and can’t answer the call, a voicemail allows the person on the other end to know the same.

Setting up a voicemail can be a bit complicated, especially if you are an iPhone user. In addition to the default settings, there are a lot of other factors that go into setting up voicemail. The process also depends on the carrier you are using.

How to Change Voicemail on iPhone?

This article explains how to change voicemail on your iPhone without getting confused halfway through.

For an AT&T iPhone

As we said before, the steps for changing the voicemail on your iPhone also depend on the network you are using. So for an AT&T network, the next steps are to change the voicemail.

  • Open the Phone app on your iPhone and navigate to the bottom right corner of the screen where the Voicemail option is located
  • When prompted you must enter your voicemail password and in the main menu you must click 4 for personal options
  • Press 4 again to change the greetings or voicemail message
  • You then need to follow the voice prompt to pick up the voicemail you want to update it to.

For Verizon iPhone

Ahead of AT&T, Verizon is the next popular network service provider. They can be accessed from anywhere in the world and changing your voicemail there is not that complicated. Here’s what to do:

  • Again, you need to open the phone application on your iPhone and then click on the voicemail icon in the lower right corner.
  • Once you click on that, you will be redirected to another page where you need to click on Greeting
  • From there you have to select the line if you are using an eSIM
  • Below that you need to click on Custom to record your new voicemail
  • Tap Record to start the recording process
  • When you’re done, you can listen to the recording. If you are happy with the message and intonation, you can go ahead and save the new voicemail you recorded.

For T-Mobile iPhone

Next up is the T-mobile, another widely used network service provider. The steps are quite simple, provided you do the right thing in the process.

Here’s what to do:

  • Start by opening the Phone app.
  • You can long press 1 to open the voicemail function or you can directly select the Voicemail option in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • If necessary, you may need to re-enter your password for confirmation.
  • When you’re done, follow the voice prompts to change the voicemail to your liking.

For Vodafone iPhone

  • Vodafone is known for its impeccable network coverage and simple user interface. If you’re concerned or don’t know how to change voicemail, here’s a quick rundown of all the steps:
  • Launch your phone application on the iPhone and then click the voicemail button in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Click Set Up Now on the display and record your new voicemail message.
  • You can save the new voicemail as Default for each incoming call or you can save it as Custom for individual contacts in your phonebook.


Despite how many years and decades have passed, iPhone users still appreciate the voicemail feature, and for good reason. It acts as a proxy in case you cannot receive a call. We’ve shared all the key steps for changing voicemail for any network so that you can navigate through them more easily.

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