How to change the clock on the lock screen of iOS 16?

The iOS 16 system update for iPhones has changed the whole game of Apple’s user interface. The iPhones are now much more customizable, not to mention that users can change the wallpaper, font, and clock style on the lock screen.

However, since the feature is quite new, it’s not surprising that not many users are aware of the feature and the way to customize it. If you are one of those who are stuck trying to figure things out, we suggest you follow the steps that we will mention later in the article.

Apple’s main goal with the lock screen personalization tools is to give users the freedom to spice up the layout of their devices to their liking.

With the new features, users now have better control over the font and even the color of the clock on the iOS 16 lock screen.

How to change the clock on the lock screen of iOS 16?

If you are not sure how to change the clock on iOS 16 lock screen, follow the steps below:

  1. Unlock your iPhone and long press the lock screen
  2. Since you can access several options for the lock screen, swipe the one you want to edit and tap Customize
  3. Tap on the “Digital Clock” and open the “Edit” menu from there
  4. Below that, you can select the font style, color, etc. for the clock
  5. After choosing the look of the clock to your liking, you can go ahead and tap the “Done” option.
  6. Once the clock is adjusted, you can go ahead and select the lock screen wallpaper you want to apply.

And that’s all you need to do to adjust the clock on the iOS 16 lock screen. The great thing is that you can edit and customize the clock style and design based on the different lock screen styles available.

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