How to Backup a Macbook to a Flash Drive

Backup is a must when it comes to any electronic device like iPhone, MacBook, iPad, etc. It will help you save all your important data as a backup file for when you lose data or want to change your device , this file would be a great help. There are many ways you can back up your data. If you want to back up your MacBook data to a flash drive, you’ve come to the right place. This article is all about how to backup MacBook to flash drive.

What is a flash drive?

Flash drives are similar to external hard drives that plug into the USB port of your Mac or another computer. The only drawback to a flash drive is that it does not contain a maximum amount of storage capacity. Flash drive only has about 128 MB or 1 GB storage capacity. If you have a larger drive, you may be able to store more data.

Can you backup data from MacBook to flash drive?

Flash drives do work with MacBook, but you need to format them to be compatible with MacBook. Usually a flash drive is formatted by the manufacturer when you buy it, but you can also do this yourself so that it is compatible and works with MacBook.

How do I backup MacBook to a flash drive?

Method 1: Back up photos manually

  1. Plug the flash drive into your MacBook’s USB port.
  2. Open Finder on your mac.
  3. Find the USB device icon and click on it.
  4. Make sure you keep the viewfinder window open.
  5. If you have a folder you want to copy, open a new Finder window and locate the folder on your hard drive.
  6. Open the Photos app to select the images you want to move or copy.
  7. Now select all the images you want to copy or move to the flash drive.
  8. Once you’ve selected the photos, drag them into the Finder window that opens in the background.
  9. Drop the selected photos into the viewfinder window when you see the + icon.
  10. You can also copy those photos by pressing Ctrl+C.
  11. Your photos will not be copied once you paste them there.

This method is not just limited to backing up photos and videos. In fact, instead of photos, you can select any other file you want to back up.

Method 2: Back up using disk utility:

  1. Plug the flash drive into your MacBook’s USB port.
  2. Open the finder on your MacBook.
  3. Go to the Applications and click on Disk Utilities.
  4. Select your flash drive or external drive from the list.
  5. Now click on erase.
  6. Click the confirmation button.
  7. You can confirm the name, format and schedule before deleting.
  8. Click Clear and then the Done button.
  9. Now open your drive from the same window and create a new folder.
  10. Rename the folder as backup.
  11. Find the folder you want to back up and copy it.
  12. Go to the backup folder you just created and paste the file you copied.

Method 3: Back up using the Time Machine:

  1. Plug the flash drive into your MacBook’s USB port.
  2. Launch the System Preferences and open the Time Machine.
  3. Select the backup disk by clicking on it.
  4. Select your drive from the list
  5. To encrypt your backup with a password, select the Encrypt backups checkbox.
  6. Select Use Disk.
  7. It may take some time to back up your data.
  8. You are done with the backup!

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