How to Add Battery Percentage to iPhone 13/12/11 Lock Screen

As an iOS user, I have always missed the feature to show battery percentage on the lock screen and home screen of my iPhone 13 Pro. Why? Because Apple had no option to display battery percentage on iPhone. Since the iPhone does not show the battery on the screen, users have to use the Control Center to check the battery status.

After a decade, Apple finally brings the new highly anticipated addition to the iPhone models to display battery percentage on the lock screen and home screen. We are talking about the new iOS 16 lock screen customization feature. The new iOS 16 has the battery widget to display the battery percentage on the iPhone lock screen. Once you’ve added the battery widget to the lock screen, it will display the remaining battery life with just a single tap on your iPhone’s screen.

How to Add Battery Percentage to iPhone 13/12/11 Lock Screen

Remark: iOS 16 is currently available to beta testers. The final release will be available in September each year.

  1. Tap the screen first to view the lock screen.
  2. Then tap and hold the screen for a few seconds.
  3. You will see the + icon.
  4. Swipe left to create a new lock screen and tap the “Customize” option button at the bottom.
  5. Now select a background as you like from the multiple backgrounds.
  6. Then tap the + (widget) icon below the clock widget.
  7. Now a pop-up menu with a variety of widgets will appear.
  8. Select the “Batteries” option from the menu.
  9. Now there are two options available, one shows the battery percentage and the other shows the battery bar of your iPhone.
  10. Tap and drag the battery percentage widget on your lock screen to add it.
  11. Then tap the “X” sign in the top right corner of the popup menu to exit the widget menu.
  12. When you’re done, tap the Done button to save your new custom lock screen.
  13. Now your lock screen will display the battery percentage at the top of the screen.

After following the above steps on the iOS 16 with iPhone 13 models, the battery percentage will be visible on the lock screen of the device. User can see battery percentage on iPhone 13 lock screen.

Have you followed the guide and added battery percentage icon on iPhone 13 lock screen? If yes, please share your feedback in the comment box. If you need more tips, don’t hesitate to ask through the comment section.

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